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The person

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The person

    The person was tired. The person craved chicken nuggets. The person walked to the fridge.
    The fridge was empty, person didn't like shopping.
    The person looked outside, at the chicken coop.
    The person saw a chicken pecking the ground. The person's salivary glands went into over drive.
    The person went outside and raised butcher ax that the person found in the back of the closet.
    The person came back inside with the chicken.
    Person searched up chicken nugget recipe.
    After a few tries, the Person made something new.
    It happened because a Person forgot to cook the chicken before coating it in the bread crumbs.

    Person sold the recipe to the nearest sushi restaurant, they loved it. Person went to bed the next day with a belly full of chicken nuggets.
    The person looked around for a new way to raise money for more chicken nuggets.
    The person ALSO found an old guitar in the back of the closet.
    A person could really strum a tune.
    Person played and got money.
    Person hired a neighbor to buy chicken nuggets.
    When the Person received it, a chicken nugget was missing.
    The neighbor ate a chicken nugget.
    The person howled in rage, no one had ever eaten one of his chicken nuggets before.
    The person set the house on fire the next day. The person ate chicken nuggets and watched the sparks fly while wearing their sunglasses.

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