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Justice For Jaden

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When a neighborhood 12-year-old boy is found murdered, everyone is wondering what happened and their anger grows. People want answers around the neighborhood, even Wesley, who has a 12-year-old daughter. Wesley tries to come up with a solution to figure out who done it and why, but when Wesley’s daughter starts to act suspicious, he starts to worry that maybe either his daughter knows who did it or his daughter was involved somehow. Wesley and the people in the neighborhood will not stop until it’s solved, but what horrible thing will Wesley discover, and what will he do about it? (Mystery)

    Wesley heard screams while he was getting ready to mow his lawn. “What in the world is going on?” He said curiously. He saw neighbors running out of their house and running into the street. “HELP SOMEBODY HELP!” The people hollered. Wesley ran as fast as he could to see what the crowd was screaming about. When he got over there he pushed his way through the people and saw a 12-year-old laying face down on the sidewalk.
    Wesley immediately called the police. “HURRY A LITTLE BOY HAS JUST BEEN FOUND NOT MOVING ON THE SIDEWALK ON CLARES AVENUE 28TH STREET!” Wesley screamed. After calling the officers, Wesley asked what happened and who it was. “It's Jaden Fraizers, and nobody knows what happened we all just found him!” One of the neighbors said. “Jaden….oh my goodness but he is my daughter’s classmate! Oh, my goodness!” Wesley said with a pain in his voice. All of a sudden, the parents of Jaden came running out when a neighbor banged on their door.
    “MOVE GET OUT OF MY WAY MOVE!” The mother and father screamed. When they saw Jaden’s lifeless body, they screamed so loud and were crying. People were hugging both of them and Wesley had never seen a man cry that hard ever. Jaden was only 12 years old and him and Wesley’s daughter were the only 2 kids in the neighborhood. “MY BABY BOY, MY POOR BABY BOY WHO DID THIS!” The mother screamed.
    The mother got so wild she started fighting everyone, and they had to pin the father down. The cops came quickly with the ambulance and the paramedics told everyone to back up and give them some room. They were checking Jaden’s pulse, but he had already gone. Neighbors were crying and Wesley’s heart was broken. When the Cordiner guy came out he told the parents that Jaden had been gone 2 hours ago and the fracture to his neck, there was no way he could have survived. The cops told the parents that it didn’t look like an accident, that it was being investigated as a crime and murder and that they would have to question the parent’s whereabouts.
    Wesley felt so bad for the Fraizers they were always helping people in the neighborhood, and they even helped Wesley when he was having hard times. It was one time he needed gas money, and they offered to give him $50 for gas for that week, and he didn’t even have to pay them back. Wesley wished he could help them, but he knew they had so much going on.
    After the street cleared and everyone went back to their homes sadly, Wesley went in the house and opened his daughter’s room door. She had headphones on and was laying in bed drawing in her arts book. “Kayley, we need to talk.” Kayley didn’t hear her dad because she had the earphones turned up loud. Wesley went over and snatched the earphones out of her ears. “Heyyy…what did you do for dad?” “Kayley, how many times do I have to tell you to stop turning those ear plugs up in your ears? I told you they can burst your eardrum and make you deaf.” “Sorry dad.”
    “It's okay, just don’t do it again. Anyway, I want you to sit with me, and you have to talk about something serious.” “What happened dad?” “Well something terrible has happened to Jaden.” Kayley was looking scared and she looked down frozen. “Kayley I don’t know who did it and why, but Jaden is gone.” Kayley stared in space and her hands started shaking. Wesley could always tell when his daughter was nervous or upset because her hands would start shaking badly, and it was an uncontrollable condition. The doctors said that her nerves were bad, and she had to avoid stressful situations.
    “Gone…..gone like how dad? Is he….dead?” Kayley said with a shaky voice. “Yes, I’m sorry Kayley I know he was your classmate and….” “Dad, I want to be alone.” “Oh….okay well if you need me, I will be in my room.” “Okay dad.” Kayley said, looking sad. Wesley walked out of his daughter’s room and went into his room, thinking about poor Jaden and the Fraizers. “Those poor people, but where was Jaden and why his parents weren’t watching him?” Wesley wondered. Wesley then decided to put a card in their mailbox.
    He always had stacks of thank you letters, holiday letters, birthday letters, and thinking of you letters in a box in his closet. He didn’t waste time going to stores and buying gifts. He would just send cards and money to his family, friends, or co-workers. He dug in his letter box and pulled out a thinking of your letter. Then he wrote,
    “Dear Synthia and Bruno, I am so sorry this tragedy happened in your family. I was the one who called the police and ambulance, and it really hurts my heart to see good people like you go through this. Jaden was a good, quiet kid and me and my daughter are thinking of you and keeping you lifted in prayer. If there is anything I can do to help you all, please let me know. Don’t hesitate to ask because you have always helped me when I needed it. I know it's not much, but I’m putting $50 in this card for y'all just in case you need something. Please stay strong. I know that justice will be served. Take this time and take care of yourselves. -With Lots of Love & Care Wesley” After Wesley was finished, he went over to the Fraizers’ mailbox and put the letter in there.

    At dinner, Wesley noticed that Kayley was silent and picking at the corn on her plate. “Kayley, are you okay?” “I guess.” She said, staring at her plate. “Kayley, were you and Jaden friends?” “No…..not really. Why?” “I just wanted to know. Have you seen anyone acting weird towards him lately?” “Well it was one guy who got jealous of Jaden because all the girls like Jaden in my class.”
    “Well, how is that little boy?” “He is older than us, he is 14. He has a big crush on someone, and he was mad because Jaden liked the girl and the girl liked him back.” “Well Kayley, has this boy ever bullied Jaden?” “Yeah, sometimes because he is jealous.” “Kayley, I want you to be honest with me, okay?” “Okay dad.” “Do you think he could have hurt Jaden?” “I….. I don’t know…..maybe.” Kayley said.
    Wesley started thinking about when he heard a knock at the door. “Kayley you go ahead and get ready for bed. It’s been a long day, and you need some rest.” “Okay dad, goodnight.” Kayley said, hugging him. “Goodnight.” Wesley said, hugging her and then walking to the door.
    When Wesley opened the door, he saw Synthia and Bruno at the door. “Hey, you all come on in.” Wesley said. “Oh Wesley.” Synthia said, crying and hugging him. “Synthia Bruno I’m so sorry. Everyone is upset about this.” “I know all the neighbors been checking on us all day. We need the comfort; some people like to be alone during a tragedy but Bruno and I like to be around people.” Synthia said, still crying.
    “Have a seat.” Wesley said. The Fraizers sat down and Synthia was shaking her head, still crying. “Who would do such a thing to my poor baby boy. He was so quiet and loved by many!” “I know Synthia this is a cruel world we live in.” Wesley said. “When I get my hands on whoever done it, their neck will be snapped!” Bruno said. “I know it's hard.” Wesley said, shaking his head. “Wesley, thank you so much for that generous card. It really made me and Bruno break down in tears. We appreciate you thinking of us.” Synthia said. “You're welcome, any help you need you can call me anytime.” Wesley said in a genuine way.
    “Thank you. We appreciate it.” “So, what did the police say?” “Well they did ask us where we were during the time Jaden was missing, and we told the police that he was not missing. That Jaden told us he was going to walk around the block, and he always does that. Sometimes he rides his bike around the block, or he will walk in the backyard and through other neighbors' houses. My I and Synthia video chatted with our friend who is on vacation in the Dominican Republic, and we were in our room. We didn’t realize Jaden didn’t come back in because normally, he will be in and out of the house. I just wish we would have been paying attention and not on that computer running our mouth. We trust people around here, so we would never think someone would harm Jaden. The police even told us he has to question some of the neighbors to see where they were.”
    “Well, they haven't come to me yet.” Wesley said. “Well they might be coming over here soon.” Bruno said. What Wesley didn’t know was Kayley was not asleep; she was still up listening in the hallway. “I really hope we find who did this.” Wesley said. “I know, but I’m afraid if I see the person I might end up in prison.” Bruno said.
    Kayley's eyes stretched, and she looked scared while the Fraizers were talking. “You know Wesley, to be honest, we might have to move. I can’t live in this neighborhood knowing that my son was killed in front of our house.” Synthia said. “I understand well what's best for y'all. “I cooked some Brunswick stew with rice, and some jalapeño cornbread. Would ya'll like some?” “No, we couldn't take your food.” Synthia said.
    “Look, you have to eat something. It will save you from cooking Synthia.” “Well okay Wesley, can you give us enough for 2 days because I know I’m not going to be in the mood to cook.” Synthia said. “Sure, I have plenty.” Wesley said. Wesley got up and went to the kitchen and got a big bowl and put some of the stew and rice in there. Then he got another bowl and put a few pieces of cornbread in there. “Thank you so much Wesley, you're a kind man.” Synthia said, hugging him.
    “You're welcome.” Wesley said, hugging her. “Yeah, thanks bro, I appreciate your sympathy. Well, we better get back home.” Bruno said. “Okay, take it easy ya’ll.” Wesley said, walking them to the door. “Goodnight.” The Fraizers said. “Goodnight.” Wesley responded. Kayley ran back to her room and jumped into her bed. She was thinking hard, and she didn’t want the real truth to get out. She was scared that her dad would spank and ground her forever, and she was terrified that the Fraizers would hate her. “Dad and the Fraizers can’t find out they will be super mad.” She said scared.

    A week passed, and the neighborhood decided to do a protesting march around the block for Jaden, Wesley even participated. Each day from that Monday to that Friday after work, the neighbors and Wesley would march for an hour and protest about Jaden’s passing. Wesley decided to call a social gathering at his house about it and the Fraizers were so appreciative about it.
    “Hello neighbors and friends, I did this gathering because I feel proud about what we are doing. Jaden needs justice and as always, the police are playing around with their jobs. Now let this would have been a different child, and we all know what I’m talking about, that child would have quickly had their case solved. We cannot sit around and wait for someone else to get harmed before the police notice it.” Everyone in the room clapped.
    “We have to make a stand and come together to help the police solve this terrible hurtful crime. This whole thing makes me angry, and I understand that it makes all of you angry too. The Fraizers are our friends, and they have lost something in a neighborhood that is supposed to be peaceful. I have a daughter and I think about how what if this could have been her lying in the street cold. My daughter is the same age as Jaden, and we must protect all kids. So, I thank all of you for participating and let’s continue to fight until the end.” Everyone clapped and then the Fraizers got up and talked.
    “Thank you so much to everyone who has given me cards, money, food, and comfort during this time. My baby boy was someone special, and everywhere he went you could see love and happiness in him. Me and Bruno never had to spank him or discipline him because he had manners and always respected us. Me and Bruno will be trying to move next month because we just can’t take staying here anymore, but before we go we want justice for our boy, and we won’t stop. Whoever did this will pay in the worst way.”
    Everyone clapped and Kayley was in the hallway still listening. When everyone had left, Wesley yawned and got ready to go to bed. He had work in the morning, so he set his timer and got in the bed and tried to doze off to sleep, but then Kayley walked in. “Dad, are you sleeping?” “I’m trying to go to sleep, and you should be asleep too.” Wesley said, sitting up. “Dad, I need to ask a question.” “Yeah, what is it?” Wesley said yawning. “Dad, if you knew something important but were scared to say it, would you still say it anyway?” “Yes, if it's something important that can affect someone else, I would say it. Why?” “Never mind.” Kayley said and then ran out.
    Wesley was wondering what that was about, but he was so sleepy he forgot about it and went back to sleep. It was Thursday and after Kayley got out of school she went to her room and started doing her homework. Meanwhile, Wesley had got a call from Bruno about Jaden’s case.
    “Hey Wesley, I have news. The police said they believe that another child done it instead of an adult. They figured that something dropped on Jaden and when it did the weight and force of it snapped his neck. They said that tree branches and leaves were found in his hair and that if it was an adult, he would have had defense wounds. They really think it could have been another child.”
    “Oh, my goodness. Well, Kayley had told me that some 14-year-old was a little jealous of Jaden at school. I don’t know, but it could have been him. Would you like me to ask Kayley his name, and maybe you can go to his parents' house.” “Yes please, thanks that would help a lot.” “Okay, I will call you back later.” Wesley said. “Okay.” Bruno said, then hung up. Wesley still didn’t understand how after Jaden’s funeral then the police wanted to figure out who could have done it. Wesley went to Kayley’s room and snatched the earphones out of her ears again.
    “Kayley, I need your help, Bruno called and told me that the police found evidence of something, and they suspect that maybe another child could have thrown something at Jaden or on top of Jaden’s head. Do you know the name of the 14-year-old boy who always acted jealous of Jaden? Kayley looked scared. “Well…..ummm…..his name is Andrew.” “Okay, thanks. Finish your homework. I’m about to call Bruno back.” Wesley said, leaving her room. “Oh no, Andrew will get in trouble, and then I will.” Kayley said scared.
    Wesley called Bruno back and told him the name of the 14-year-old and Bruno asked around, and a neighbor knew the boy’s parents and told Synthia and Bruno their address. Andrew lived in a further area than where they lived.

    An hour later, while Kayley was in the bathroom, Wesley went into her room to get her laundry basket and wash her school uniforms. While in her room he saw a notebook on her bed and on the top of the notebook it said. I Have A Crush On Andrew!*** Wesley thought that was strange, and he started getting suspicious.
    If that Andrew boy was picking on Jaden, then why would his daughter like him. All of a sudden, Wesley got a phone call from Bruno again. “Man, I got some terrible news. That Andrew boy was involved. He was the one who climbed a tree and was waiting at the top of the tree for my son, and he snapped one of those thick big tree limbs, and it fell on my son’s head man.” Bruno said and started to cry.
    “Oh, my goodness, I’m so sorry to hear that.” “When my son fell after getting stuck in the neck it popped his neck out of place and the spinal cord connected to the brain popped.” “Bruno man, I'm sorry to hear that!” “I tried to fight that boy so hard, and his dad got mad and told me I’m not going to yell at his son, and I just punched him out. I was so mad that I went wild. The police had to come and calm me down and the police told me he is not old enough to go to jail, but they will send him to the juvenile detention center, and he will stay in there and when he turns 18, he will be charged with assault and murder of a minor. I hope that child rots in there. He purposely killed my son and said it was all because of a girl.”
    “Wait what girl?” Wesley asked. “That Andrew boy didn’t want to tell me, and I almost stumped him into the ground. It was something about a girl who kissed both of them and liked both of them, but when she was about to just crush on my son that Andrew boy got jealous, and so he did that to my son. So, the little girl was playing both sides and when I found her and her parents it's on like popcorn. The Andrew boy said he waited for my son and stalked him, then climbed the tree, and he had some kind of thing in his hand-picking at the branch, and then he started kicking and trying to break the branch and when it fell my son was walking under it, and it hit him hard in the neck.” “What the heck is wrong with kids these days?” Wesley said madly.
    “I don’t know Wesley man. I’m just full of anger. That Andrew boy will have a court date set and his parents and him had to go to the police station. That little girl had to be an instigator and I hope she gets in trouble too. The cops said that if she is involved, they can put her in a juvenile detention center too until she is 18.” “Bruno, I’m just glad that this is getting solved.” Wesley said.
    “Yes, me too. Thank you so much for standing by me and my wife.” “You're welcome.” Wesley said. “Alright bye man I will update you later if I hear more.” “Okay, keep me posted, bye.” Wesley said. Wesley left his daughter’s room, but it kept bothering him that his daughter liked that boy. Then Wesley started thinking. Was that his daughter who caused this. Was she the one who kissed both Jaden and Andrew and started jealousy between them? He needed to know the answers. Wesley put Kayley’s uniforms in the washing machine, and then he went back to her room. “Kayley, we need to talk.”
    “Yes dad?” “Kayley I just got off the phone with Bruno, and he told me that Andrew is in trouble, and he might be going away to juvenile detention for a few years.” “What is a juvenile detention dad?” “It's like a jail for teens and kids.” Kayley looked scared. “Oh no!” “Yes, he told the truth that he was the one who harmed Jaden. Now Kayley I want you to be honest with me. Did you like both Andrew and Jaden?” “Yes dad, I had a crush on both of them.” “Did you ever try to make the other one jealous?” Kayley looked sad. “Sometimes…” “Little girl you got no business even kissing in school! You're only 12 years old! I send you to school to get your education, not to be crushing on boys!” “Sorry dad.” Kayley said, crying.
    “Kayley, was Andrew mad because he liked you, and he said he was going to hurt Jaden?” “Yeah…..he told me he had a trick up his sleeve. That he hated Jaden. He said I was his girlfriend.” “GIRL You are TOO YOUNG TO HAVE A BOYFRIEND! DIDN’T I TELL YOU NOT TO DATE UNTIL You are 16!” “Yes, dad I’m sorry.” Kayley said sadly.
    “Did you see when the tree limb fell on Jaden’s neck?” “Yes, I snuck out to see Andrew, and he was already in the tree. He said it was a prank and I didn’t know Jaden would get hurt.” “KAYLEY HE IS NOT HURT HE IS DEAD! IF THE FRAZIERS FIND OUT THEY WILL BLAME ME AND YOU!” “But dad….” “Shut your mouth before I take that tablet out of your room! Because you're trying to be grown you got me in a BIG mess!” I ought to take all your stuff out of this room and throw it away!” Wesley said furious. Kayley was crying and Wesley was irritated.
    “You know what Kayley, I love you, you are my daughter, but I have to do the right thing or this will be over my head forever. The Fraizers deserve to know the truth, and it's really going to hurt me to do this, but I have to do the right thing.” “What are you talking about?” Kayley asked worriedly. “Kayley I’m sorry, but I got to tell the police and I have to tell the Fraizers.” “NO!” “I know I hate to do this but….” “If you really loved me, you wouldn’t send me to that awful place. I said I was sorry!” “I know, but Kayley, I will see you as much as I can, but you were in the middle of this, and your hands were not clean. You knew what you were doing, and you saw Jaden get hurt and didn’t say anything! And who would move Jaden’s body if he was under another tree?” Kayley looked sad and she confessed and spoke.
    “Dad Andrew did it and I told him I would lie, so he wouldn’t get in trouble.” “Kayley, I'm so disappointed in you!” Wesley said, shocked. “Dad, if you send me away, I will never talk to you again!” “Kayley I’m the parent and you're the child! You watch your mouth girl!” “Whatever, Andrew is my boyfriend and I liked him better than Jaden!” Kayley said in a sassy tone. “You know what girl you're going to have to learn the hard way!”
    “Whatever it's Jaden’s stupid fault he should have just let Andrew have me!” “Excuse me! Girl I will……you know what you have gotten too grown! I’m going to teach you!” Wesley said. Wesley called the police, and he called the Fraizers to come over. Kayley just rolled her eyes and folded her arms. “You want to act grown I’m going to teach you how grown feels!” He said in a rage. When the police got there, and Synthia and Bruno got over there, Wesley grabbed Kayley’s arm and pulled her into the living room.
    “Officer, Synthia, and Bruno. I hate I have to say this, but Kayley just confessed to me that she was involved with that Andrew boy. Andrew and Jaden were in competition over her. She was giving them kisses at school, and then she told me she knew that Andrew intended to hurt Jaden. She was right there when it happened, so she was a witness, and she said when Jaden passed, she promised Andrew she would cover up for him and she saw as Andrew pulled Jaden’s body on the sidewalk. It hurt me that my own child knew what was going on and sat there and didn’t say anything!” Wesley said, crying.
    “Officer, if you're going to take her to juvenile detention center, do it. She wants to back talk me and be grown, so take her.” Kayley still kept her arms folded. “How could you?” Synthia said to Kayley. “Get this child out of my face, I can't even look at her!” Bruno hollered. The police told Wesley he would have to go down to the police station and make a statement, and they would handle it from there. It hurt Wesley, but he knew he was doing what was necessary.

    A month passed and the Fraizers had moved; they kept grieving so much over their son they had to move to start a new life. Wesley didn’t even socialize with the Fraizers after what happened, they didn’t want to communicate with him anymore since his daughter was involved, and he didn’t blame them. Kayley was in a juvenile detention center and Wesley visited her, and she seemed to be doing well. He felt like he made the right choice even though it was hard for him to do that to his own child. Wesley still thought about the Fraizers and Jaden every day, but he was glad that Jaden finally got justice.

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