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A poem of random topics, It will bring tears to your eyes with its precise craft! Please email Madeleine the poet at awesomestgirlinvermont@gmail.com for more poetry! Also, if you liked it, email and ask for more! Do not try to follow me on Facebook or Twitter! It is Impossible! But thank you for reading my poems!


    It breaks like glass on windowpane,
    Spilling crystals from clouds
    Like Coke from a bottle
    It sprinkles
    And we can't see the rainbow
    For we are blinded
    By ourselves
    We aren't born to see the
    Shadows cast by the moon, on the river
    The snow, crunching diamonds into dust
    The fireflies, settling in roses to sleep.
    I'll watch the world for you.
    If I could make you picture the golden grass,
    The froth of the center of the sea,
    Every little grain of sand, warmed by sunshine,
    I would.
    But wouldn't you wonder?
    If the world is truly as beautiful
    As I promised?
    Are there shadows on the river?
    Is there golden grass, swaying?
    I don't know.
    Open your eyes...

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