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The Book of Poems

8 Chapter - 333 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 1,528 taken- The story is completed

These are some poems that I made up.

    A rhyme:
    Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Jade,
    Are powerful as a blade.
    They may seem like
    Just a gem
    When your going
    On a hike.
    But soon,
    You will
    Find them,
    Their spirit
    Will show.

    The End

    A haiku:
    Astonishing gems
    Garnets are deep dark blood red,
    Shimmering lights

    Another rhyme:
    Snow falling on the ground
    It's time to build snowmen.
    Rolling, rolling, rolling so round
    You make a ball that weighs 3 pounds
    Stacking on top, you make the hands.
    Soon you add the nose, scarf, hat and buttons
    You finished the snowman.

    Another haiku:
    Thinking thoughts deeply
    You are lost in a brainstorm
    Soon you burst with thoughts

    Another rhyming poem

    Trees, birds and grass
    Cover up a big mass
    Bees, herds of cattle
    Are in a hassle and tassle
    To get across

    Another haiku:
    The forest of peace
    Many trees, mud, bears and birds
    A vast land is home

    A rhyming poem:
    A funny bunny
    Doesn't like money
    But it loves honey
    It doesn't love cash because it is a bunny

    A mix:
    Foggy mists covers
    The trees. Soft wind rustles leaves
    And settles as dew

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820 days ago
Hey guys I wrote a poem I need honest feedback here is the link https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1593456015/Hang-man-a-poem pls read and comment and tell others
1561 days ago
I especially liked the haikus.
1690 days ago
Sorry, we spent like 5 minutes creating the whole thing, I know those are terrible and kind of cheesy.
1778 days ago
These poems are terrible: They don’t even rhyme
1883 days ago
There pretty good poems