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Her Last Words

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I wrote a short poem about suicide and suicide awareness. Some of these sentences are copied from a song. If you get upset really easy, then don't read this.

    Just a pretty girl,
    always wore a smile,
    but beneath her face,
    she felt like she wasn't worthwhile,
    she hurt herself,
    not caring a bit,
    and if you ask her shell just say that the cat did it,
    she thought nobody cared,
    and that's why she dared,
    to end her life,
    nobody would miss her.

    Soon she hung there,
    body pale and limp,
    with tearstains down her face,
    she was forever gone,
    the world had lost her place.

    When her mother walked,
    walked into her room,
    her face grew pale and she felt it was too soon,
    for her girl to go,
    but she didn't know,
    the pain she felt over a long time.

    She picked up the note,
    with shaking hands,
    tears ran down her face,
    as she read her last words.

    "I'm so sorry mom, I don't know why I live, This world wasn't meant for me to fit in. I gave into grief, because I'm not a fighter, you'll make it through the night, just hug your pillow tighter. But now I've left you now, I cannot take the pain, but yet again, I've left you to see my bloodstains. I'm running out of space, nothing left to cry,

    This is it world,

    Goodbye X

    "I myself am not suicidal, but I needed to publish this to raise awareness of suicide. Thank you. No depressing comments please, I've made myself cry by writing this ;-; Thanks - PurityAngel77

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116 days ago
This made me cry !!!! It’s so good tho
472 days ago
529 days ago
I’m hoping to post non-roblox content on my channel someday, but that won’t be anytime soon.

Just went through my old posts on here, I’m cringing so hard
531 days ago
I found the channel I’m going to check out what she posts now :)
709 days ago
I’m posting from my phone now, so that’s why it’s different lol
709 days ago
My number is different because I used to literally write this on the silk browser on my kindle e reader, which took AGES because of how slow it was.
709 days ago
I know the number by my name is different, but it’s me, the writer of this! @Star-chan, yes, this is based off of the song. Oh, and for the people that can’t find my YouTube channel, the one I mentioned a few years ago was taken down by me last year. My channel now is called bluedino3, and I post semi - regularly.

I know I said I don’t come on here often, but I do come back sometimes to read the comments. The community of this site is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a while
733 days ago
if you see this, and if you are thinking about doing it, just think about what ur family would do? or if you have or had a friend what they would do, if they saw that they might end their life bc of you.
769 days ago
Is this based off Her Last Words- The song?
800 days ago
Listen I’ve been through suicidal thoughts before but you need to come over them
930 days ago
That is realy thoughtfull because allot of people feel this way. The prison your sitting next to might feel this way
1149 days ago
Rose I didnt copy it. Someone was writing under my name. I would never copy someones poem because this poem belongs to PurityAngel77. I've experienced people copying my poem too and its not nice so I would NEVER do something like that.
1153 days ago
dear purityangel77, someone copied this... TheQuizzyaddict.
1178 days ago
Alright, thanks for letting me know.
1182 days ago
I saw your comment on the copied poem and have just reported the poem. And, just in case there's been some misunderstanding, TheQuizzyAdict was NOT the person who stole your poem, someone else had been writing things under her name for several months probably, by then.
1282 days ago
Ik!!!!!! Someone was pretending to be me! Srsly why do ppl do this
1294 days ago
Purityangel77, Somebody copied this under Thequizzyaddict name!!!!!!
1377 days ago
Wait I wrote that 22 days ago not realising that I will myself have suicidal thoughts
1399 days ago
Omg this will definitely raise awareness well done
So sad
1400 days ago
Then I’ll be your next commenter. Made me cry 😢 😢😢
I have my own poem to raise awareness of bullying called This bully