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A poem about how October - December 2016 went for me. It was one of the moments in my life that was my happiest. Even though that was when I developed severe Anxiety, it was still my best time. Being 11 years old is fun:) Being 13 isn't as fun:)

    Kendall and Kylie every evening,
    Campus Life after my shower,
    Just moments before my Anxiety Hour,
    Obsessed with mermaids,
    Shopping after school,
    How sweet are those memories,
    Of playing the fool,
    Counseling on Thursday,
    It helped me find my way,
    In my darkest hours,
    When I'd lost my fighting powers,
    Makeup games in the car,
    Never knowing how far,
    I was from getting home,
    Fights in Science,
    Losing a friend,
    Sometimes I felt like like,
    I was near the end,
    Signing up to Roblox,
    Playing on Mermaid Pool,
    2016 Roblox games,
    Were the best,
    But for kids my age Roblox wasn't cool,
    I loved magazines,
    Freebies and cake,
    Not having to worry,
    About my sugar intake,
    But please just remember,
    This poem is a load of drivel,
    Words thrown onto a page,
    But this is all my memories released,
    Of the ending of that year,
    You are oh so dear.

    DISCLAIMER: This is a load of words thrown onto a page, all my thoughts just mixed together to create this odd item. This probably has made you wonder if I need some help, but I've created this because it activates the bittersweet memories of Autumn/Winter 2016. Feel free to comment your thoughts, I prefer to know what you really think so I can improve!

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524 days ago
Great job! I also suffer from anxiety. I just developed it back in November 2021, when my parents would fight. It sucks, but I plan on getting help. :)
1714 days ago
Quite well written. Well done! I'm sorry that you are going through Anxiety, I too suffering from anxiety. At least for me, I started suffering from anxiety at the start of 2017, now it's January 2019 and I'm still suffering from anxiety to this day! I plan to get help soon. Hope you find help with your anxiety too! Take care...
1804 days ago
This poem literally describes one of my friends.
1819 days ago
This is my life right now😂
1821 days ago
Thanks for reading! This basically activates my memories.