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Creatures of the sea

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Here are three haikus about a sea animal that’s astonishingly beautiful. Once you read it, can you guess what it is? Tell me in the comments!

Watching these animals
They jump in the waves
Their beauty astonishing
Acting like dancers

Sleek bodies, fins, tails
Underwater, out again
Swimming through the sea

Dazzled me when I saw
Catching fish their only goal
Took my breath away

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1261 days ago
Thanks again, TheQuizzyAddict
1263 days ago
Oh I was right they're dolphins!
Great poem keep them coming!
1265 days ago
Thanks, AngelWolf! Yeah, you’re right!
1266 days ago
Are they dolphins? I read the first line and it was pretty easy after that to guess. Nice poem, 143!
1267 days ago
You got it! Nice job!
1267 days ago
Are they dolphins? They jump in and out if the water, and they're sleek