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The invisible tears

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This is an attempt of a poem (I know it's not very good but it is just to raise awareness of how bad depression is) so no hate comments please!

    I can feel these invisible tears
    Rolling down my cheeks
    It's funny how when I feel them
    I cannot wipe them away
    No one else notices
    The tears I cry
    Every day
    But they're invisible after all
    So why should anyone bother

    These invisible tears keep coming
    They just won't stop coming
    I wish they could be real
    I wish people knew my pain
    The tears will soon drown me
    And take me over
    Every day
    I will be invisible too
    No one will notice me
    No one will care

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414 days ago
Ok thank you
418 days ago
I mean that I’m less tempted to hurt myself if I excercise.
419 days ago
Oh and the thing that seems to stop me from hurting myself is exercising. (Not pulling muscles on purpose.) Especially when I won games that gave me a boost of energy.
419 days ago
TheQuizzyAddict You are not a psycho! You are reacting to your depression by hurting yourself. It is definitely wrong to do this, but that doesn’t mean you’re a psycho or that you’re crazy. It means you have depression and haven’t found a way to better cope with it. My prayer is that you do find a good way to deal so you stop this. 💗💗💗💗💗💗
420 days ago
Um... so... hey everyone. At the moment in sitting in my bedroom all alone and I only just noticed that there are some scissors in my pencil case. I realised how hard it is to lock it away cuz it hard to resist. Also I've been trying to pull my muscles on purpose and my whole body is in pain. I think I'm going crazy. I just want to hurt and see blood am I a psycho?!
442 days ago
NHYT it's cuz we r part of Snow's club. If u wanna join then search up bff club in the search bar and then click on the first option!
442 days ago
Oh yes, by the way, the FULL EDITION of The Alchemy fan fiction will be out tomorrow, do check it out, thanks!
442 days ago
But the poem is so sad................
Press on and never give up.
442 days ago
Great and fantastic poem! Can I ask TheQuizzyAddict what that Snow club thing is all about?? Why is everyone putting ‘ snow club’ after their nickname?? I’m confused
444 days ago
Thank you !!!!!!!!
444 days ago
Aw 143 that's sweet. And very true 💖💖💖
445 days ago
Don’t give up, don’t ever give in.
You’re fighting a battle, don’t let it win.
You are the stronger one
Suicide is not the only option.
There are other ways to cope
And you can always, always, always hope.
453 days ago
453 days ago
Quizzy, were you ok emotionally when you wrote this?
455 days ago
It's ok just keep strong. Everything will get better soon 😚💖

That's a lovely poem and it's so true... 💘❤❤❤
456 days ago
I feel your pain, I just wrote a "poem" about depression, I'm not very good at it though. Ahem:

I'm ok
I'm ok.
But I'm not.
Because you can't spell broken.
Without ok.
460 days ago
It’s worth it, try not to be afraid! You could practice what you want to say by yourself or with a stuffed animal.
465 days ago
But it's scary :(
465 days ago
Somebody you really trust.
465 days ago
It helps.