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A Traumatic True Story

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A poem.

He Almost Died

It was Sunday
Just after meeting with a friend
We all went out to play
Dad's life almost came to an end
He rode the tractor down the mountain.
We were scared.
Mom rushed around the house
I prayed and was panicked
Mom left us
We waited till our neighbor came
Then he left us
Our Uncle and Aunt and cousin came
We went with them to the hospital
My Dad was broken on the inside, but outside he looked fine. Nothing wrong.
He hugged us with his strength.
We left him
We stayed with our grandparents
Even to this day, a year and a half later
I wish
It never happened
But it did. He survived.
And I love him.

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715 days ago
This is emotional, somethig similar happened to me, I know I am a bit late but I hope you are OK
1064 days ago
It's totally a truestory about my own dad Nhyt
1065 days ago
that was a poem which hooked the readers on really much! Great job👏👍😉
1069 days ago
:') thanks guys....??.?............ I am thankful
1073 days ago
Wow I’m sorry about what happened to you! Just give thanks for your dad now because you have him!
1075 days ago
Wow I'm so glad ur dad was still alive after what happened and I'm rlly sorry. Stay strong 💖💖💖
1080 days ago
This happened to my Dad. It.... Hurts.