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Poem about Arachnophobia

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This is a poem requested by Shadowheart, about her phobia Arachnophobia.


the scratch of thin,
across porous drywall.

coating my tongue
in whisper-light webs.

skittering and skating
through my belly
and across my chest,
strumming taut muscles and
gnawing the back of my eyes.
My teeth rattle
in counterpoint.

some hyperbolic,
others too cutesy to cause any harm.
Anything but The Word,
with its six letters and
two syllables,
because six plus two
equals eight.

I am alone, envenomed,
cocooned in a shuddering,
slab of quivering flesh.

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1178 days ago
I feel you so hard
1179 days ago
Hey guys I wrote a poem I need honest feedback here is the link https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1593456015/Hang-man-a-poem pls read and comment and tell others
1213 days ago
Quizzy you should report this for copyright beacuse i saw this poem on the Internet once.
1418 days ago
Look 1) pls write about Nyctophobia (fear of what lays in the dark) 2) do it under ur own name.
1420 days ago
AddyNick yes I agree with u cuz this person is great at writing poems but just PUBLISH THEM WITH UR OWN USERNAME!!!!!
1420 days ago
I'm just happy that they wrote my poem
1420 days ago
Hey why would WHOEVER DID THIS do this? I mean, they're GOOD at writing. Why don't they use their OWN name? Then people wouldn't always be IRRITATED at them for doing such ANNOYING things
1421 days ago
Whoever made this, thanks!! 🙂
1421 days ago
Whoever wrote this, you would be much better off with your own username and profile so you can get REAL credit for your work.
1422 days ago
Can u stop? I didn't write this either