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So, this is poetry, just different than all my others. It's not about anything to do with me, but it's basically fiction.

    A girl called Therese
    A boy called Samuel
    He felt like the stormy seas
    She never felt whole

    A story for some
    A story for all
    A person had some
    A person had all

    Neither had any
    Neither did see

    And so they went,
    Every day
    Feeling spent,
    Every way

    How to change?
    Who could change?
    They always ask, "Could I be more strange?
    How can I change?"

    A journey
    An adventure
    They weren't sure

    Here is how
    Here is now
    Here they are
    Here they star

    This is what Samuel
    Did say,
    "For me and you, and all, yesterday was terrible,"
    To Therese, who disagreed
    She replied,
    "My yesterday
    Was the best day
    With the best way
    And lest you say
    It's not
    I will reply
    'That's not right,
    That's not okay
    Try and find
    Some better day'
    And I'll mind
    My own business
    Unlike your nosy-ness
    So I'll find
    That in my mind
    Was the best day
    And the best way
    So go away,"
    In her thoughts, she did add,
    'And how you can be rude'

    So Samuel did leave
    He didn't know how to talk
    So he became rude
    And others used to balk
    At the change
    Soon they got used to
    How he was strange
    But he never did know
    Why he was like he was
    He never could get anything just so

    When Therese was alone
    She did think
    Of how she was known
    She didn't feel like herself
    Around any but her
    Younger sister

    Her sister had gone far away
    To their aunt
    And their aunt lay
    Being very sick
    So Isabelle was gone
    And Therese didn't know how to stick
    To one place

    So Therese thought
    'Revive me
    Who can?
    I have to say, stay alive, me
    In my head
    Because I am still here, me
    So I'll revive myself
    For everyone I know
    Am I the only one who knows myself?
    Dear myself, stay here
    And don't go
    Who knows where
    For there isn't any
    Other where to go
    Don't you see?
    Isabelle, come revive me
    Are you the only one who can?'

    Therese and Samuel
    Did not like each other
    They would not have chosen
    To be together
    For anything

    But one day they were assigned
    To be together
    In a project already designed
    First they stared
    And then they glared
    But they could not change partners

    So they began
    To work with each other
    What they hardly said
    Was more
    Than they thought

    Suddenly they talked
    Their classmates balked
    At that
    Samuel found at last
    A person to talk to

    Therese found finally
    Someone that she
    Could confide in

    But still they did hide
    Some of them inside

    Then the two of them
    Did declare to the world
    This thing that had hurled
    So much at them

    "We don't need a revive,
    How could we not be alive?"

    Samuel said,
    "I'm breathing,
    I can't be dead
    I'm talking,
    I can do this, remove what lead!"

    Therese almost sang,
    "I am revived,
    I am alive,
    What does hang,
    Or surround me?
    Nothing! Nothing is around me!"

    They seemed to be fine always
    But only were part-ways--
    The last half, not empty
    Are he and she

    They became fine
    They crossed a line
    A better one
    The best one

    The End

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681 days ago
P.S. you said it was gratitude, which rhymes with attitude
681 days ago
NHYT-- Thank you!
And when I'm trying to rhyme, I think up words that rhyme with the last word of the sentence. It doesn't have to have the same letters on the end--it just needs to sound the same. Like, I can rhyme rhyme with lime and time. Or seed with need. Anything that ends with "ing" will rhyme with other things that end with "ing." I also have a rhyming words fanfic, where I came up with a bunch of words that rhyme. Also, there are different kinds of poems--five senses, cinqain, haikus, rhymes (I don't think I spelled cinqain right) I wrote this assuming you might be doing a rhyming poem. Basically what I do is think up random words like ink and sink, but you might make your poems differently. Hopefully this helps!
682 days ago
This is a great poem and it even rhymes:)) Well, I don’t think I can do that! Could you give me some tips on poetry?? I need help because i wanna do a poem on Gratitude but cant seem to make things rhyme...
Good poem anyway....😀
683 days ago
Please comment on my... poetry