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For those people who are just having a terrible day. Please believe no matter what and stay strong! No hate comments please!

When you're tired of getting bullied
Or having a miserable day
When you're recovering from a loss
Or you feel like you have no say
Please don't be scared
Don't let your life go grey
Just believe in yourself
Because it'll get better someday

Everything will get better
If you be patient and wait
If you can do something about it
Then that would be great
But please just remember that if you want to change your life
Then you may have to wait
But it's never too late๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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1171 days ago
Icy we r trying to make it easy for u. We r willing to forgive u but ur just choosing the hard way out. Plz, just admit to this and we will be ur friends
1172 days ago
Look since this got published people might actually believe it's yours which is bad
1175 days ago
Icy,I'm sorry,I got carried away.But really,this needs to stop.
1175 days ago
1175 days ago
Ur welcome TheQuizzyAddict weโ€™re just helping out a friend
1175 days ago
Thx everyone for the support and plz just apologise Icy ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
1176 days ago
I meat to just italicize the,"if you can do something about it" part.Lol
1176 days ago
Everything will get better
If you can be patient and wait
if you can do something about it((
Then that would be great.(TheQuizzyAddict)
Icy,you CAN do something about it.
So I beg you to please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please:just apologize to TheQuizzyAddict.
One time my whole flock 80 chickens ducks and Turkeys were all murded by a raccon overnight.I had poured 5 YEARS of my heart into raising them.THAT was a time when I had to wait for things to get better.But you can do something about it.Please apologize to TheQuizzyAddict.Here.(unli))PThank you.
1176 days ago
Won't you please listen? Several friends on here with no copying of others is better than copying others. Copying is never going to do anything--not meaning to hate, just say what is, well, the truth
1176 days ago
We are also not posting hate comments because these are literally offering to be your friends! To join your club, and to help you!
1176 days ago
Icy:This is a wonderful message,and one that everyone should read,but one thing kinda ruins it.YOU COPIED IT.And I know for a fact that you copied it because I myself read it the first day it came out.You can make great things to post on here by yourself.Enter here your text yoSo please please MAKE YOUR OWN WORK.
1176 days ago
Please. Please stop? I'll join ur club too! On one condotion. Apologize to Thequizzyaddict
1176 days ago
Icy, as I said in the last fanfic, you can take our tips about how to write your own poems and publish those instead of TheQuizzyAddictโ€™s.
Another on I like is a golden shovel poem. Every line of it ends with a word from a poem, so that if you read it straight down you see the already written poem.
1176 days ago
Icy,please realize that you are bullying Quizzy!We will all be your friend Icy,if you will just,admitt that you stole Quizzys property.Please use your courage and tell us that you did it.Thank you for your understanding.
1177 days ago
Icy, we KNOW you're copying TheQuizzyAdict. There's no reason to
1177 days ago
STOP ICY!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT yours!!