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The Real World

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This was inspired by Erin Hanson's poem called Welcome To Society which one of my friend's showed me. You can search it up on Google because it is a beautiful poem and she's a great poet.

    Welcome to the real world
    Where no one will agree
    Welcome to the real life
    Where it is not a breeze
    Not everyone will be happy
    Not everyone is nice
    So be prepared to find people
    Who'll be friends with a price

    But if we all work together
    Do this step by step
    We can make peace, not war
    Everyone can be loved
    Yes, there will be a few people
    Who won't agree with us
    But we won't let those other people
    Take away our joy

    You really think the world could change?
    Are you thinking straight?
    Haven't you seen the real world Where people are so mean?
    They kill and hurt
    Starve and wreck
    Do anything they can
    You need to think about your choice to change all this cruelty
    You'll probably get just more hurt
    This is the real world

    Yes, there is a problem
    A huge one I must say
    But with the help of everyone
    Then humanity'll stay
    Everyone can live a life
    A life that's free of fear
    A life where everyone
    Will have an ear to hear
    So now I want to ask you
    To ask the whole wide world
    Will you help me with this task
    To make this place
    The real world?

    (Inspired by Erin Hanson's Welcome To Society)

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697 days ago
Welcome to society is one of my favorite poems and this is really good
815 days ago
Wow!!!!! Poem is amazing
1163 days ago
Shadowheart lol u have been forgiven šŸ˜ƒšŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Sagittariusbaby thankssssssssssss
1164 days ago
Actually that was just me lol I said thanks for Quizzy. Please forgive meh Quizzy. šŸ˜…
1164 days ago
1166 days ago
WOOOWWWWWWEEE Quizzy this is amazing!
1168 days ago
1170 days ago
1172 days ago
Shadowheart exactllyyyyyy
1172 days ago
I feel bad about how people pollute the environment. Like, cause harm to your home?!? I'm not a vsco girl but seriously, why does nobody want to save the turtles?! There living things like us!
1174 days ago
Yippeee thanks 143 and NHYT!!!!!
1174 days ago
This poem is well-written, good job!!
1174 days ago
Wow true! Iā€™m checking out Welcome to Society right now thx!
1175 days ago
I meant HOW was it lol
1175 days ago
So was it?