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This is a poem of how two people view each other. I was kind of bored so I just thought that I'd write this! Also please excuse the bad writing!

    I saw him again like I do every single day. My heart melts every time I see him. It's as if I could break with just the blink of an eye. He makes me feel so sick. Sick of feeling... overwhelmed. Sick of feeling so amazing. There's no way to describe it. He's just perfect. He seems to be quite shy around me. I think he likes me too. We were meant to be - I just know it! He tries to pretend that he doesn't like me I can tell. But I know he does. Because why wouldn't he? He's just playing up like usual. He's such a little cutie. Sometimes I just want him to swoop me up from the ground and for us to kiss so I can enjoy life once and for all with my true love ❤

    I saw her again like I do every single day. Honestly, it's so annoying. She obviously doesn't have any friends because she's always coming to me. Why me? She's always cheering me on at netball matches and she always asks for my food. If I have to be honest, I kind of hate her. It's not my fault though! She's the one who always gets so close to me! It's so embarrassing! She knows for a fact that I'm gay and I have a boyfriend so it can't be that she likes me... or can it? My boyfriend keeps thinking that I'm cheating all because of that jerk! I wish that one day I could swoop her off the floor and pretend that I'm going to kiss her or something and then I ca throw her to he eaten by some wolves. No one and I mean NO ONE will get in the way of my love life. I will do anything I can to for me and my handsome boyfriend to be together forever. Me and my true love. Without that stupid girl. Just me and him ❤

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1284 days ago
I really hate this story. I'm gonna take it down when I have the time
1444 days ago
Ur welcome! ❤️💔💝
1456 days ago
Thx for checking this out 143
1456 days ago
Oooohhhhhhh! Oh no. 😪but then the end you guys will be together..,AAAWWWW
1456 days ago
Aw thanks
1456 days ago
Sad and sweet👍😢😌.
1456 days ago
Hehe thanks NHYT but I'm still wondering why I wrote this. If my friend wrote it then it would seem like a much better story but she makes all of her stories dirty so... maybe not lol.
1457 days ago
oh......... that’s kind sad that the boy has no interest in the girl..... but it’s very sweet when the girl described her love for him.....
1457 days ago
Yeah... um. .... yeahhh