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Another poem.

    I'm dizzy and I'm spinning
    It's out of control
    What a way to be not winning
    I'm out of control
    Feels like torture, it's not torture
    Strange things I don't know how to change
    Things that happen, were
    I knew how to change them
    I really would
    And then things that stem
    From the things happening
    I'm spinning and I'm dizzy
    I don't control anything
    Dizzy and I'm spinning
    Out of control
    I don't even know what's happening
    On the whole,
    It's really weird
    And out of control
    I'm dizzy
    I'm spinning
    Guess who's spinning, me
    Out of control, me
    Dizzy, me
    All of these, yes me
    It's out of my power,
    Not in my control
    I even hate the shower,
    It's out of my control
    Spinning and I'm dizzy,
    That's the entire whole
    I'm dizzy and spinning,
    I'm out of my control
    Spinning, dizzy and spinning,
    Out of my control
    Dizzy, spinning and dizzy,
    It's out of control!

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96 days ago
I n the mind of a maze in th haze of thesesdaze thesis i a hypotonuse as i am a simple goose the nucs or strings cannot be whennone is madhatter teaparty... but a old men said dont bumpones head or morning may never wake.
1005 days ago
Actually... well, maybe. But sometimes something happens or I go somewhere and then I actually get dizzy
1005 days ago
This is sooo good! Is it describing something happening in your life right now? Like deeper meaning kind of thing?
1006 days ago
This is great!
1008 days ago
1009 days ago
So... I wrote this