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A poem about the title...

    Sometimes saying goodbye
    Can make you cry
    Sometimes it can be hard
    But you have that shard
    Of memory
    Sometimes this can be
    For the better
    But your pillow just gets wetter
    As you cry
    Because you have to say goodbye
    It was a good relationship
    And nothing can chip
    Away at it
    Not even one bit
    You know you'll always be
    The right one for me
    So goodbye
    I'll try not to cry

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359 days ago
Yes... great poem
(IDK why I didn't already comment!)
520 days ago
Sorry, I thought someone deleted my poem; no-one did. FALSE ALARM
524 days ago
I do also... :( :( I hope she'll come back someday...
524 days ago
I miss her 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
525 days ago
HEY!!!!! WHO DELETED MY POEM TOGETHER?????? (not thhe onre u guys saw , the other one) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
525 days ago
Actually, Ravenclaw, yes and no. I did and i Didn't. And my keybaord is being wonky again. I wrote this poem, yes, because of 143, and also because I am not sure if a friend of mine is abandoning me. I'm just not sure. So, yes, and no. :)
525 days ago
Yknow, You guys knew her way before i did, but i really liked her quizzes and stuff so i can also say goodbye. :( (and she also said she considered me to be her friend, which is another reason. I miss her too.)
525 days ago
This Does NOT mean im leaving. Because im not (and yes,Ravenclaw.)
525 days ago
Because of 143?
525 days ago
Thank you!!!!! (didja know why i made this?)
525 days ago
This is a really good poem!