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Her last Words!

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This is a Story About a Girl who Almost Died herself..

    I done with This world, I Don't want to live. I feel like nobody, I'm a Fail. I should not have been Born, I'll Just jump! Here I go as Nobody cares, Falling is Calming As Your Dyeing. I hit the Street Some girl Saved me, I'm am Alive! She cared for me, she loved me, I feel Loved At last! The girl Said, Why did you Jump? Cause
    nobody loved me and that's Why, I Said. Well your Loved now by me! the girl said, I said... Thank you. ~ Luna_is_Kawaii_UwU

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839 days ago
I love and care about you too (not like you know love love ( I'm straight but I also support everyone) you are important and you just are making this world a way better place)