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It's Not Too Late

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Another poem.


    I see the hate
    And I see the broken
    But I want you to know
    It's not too late

    Do you think you were born
    For no reason?
    Do you think all there is
    Is to mourn?

    It's not too late
    To destroy the hate
    It's not too late
    Don't wait

    All I want
    Is for you to know
    I want to show you
    It's not too late

    Rise up and find hope
    Burn the chains and break the rope
    All that remains is
    Your hope

    It's not too late
    Never too late to have hope
    Never too far along to rise
    Never to deep to get back up

    So let me show you
    To let you know
    It's not too late to hope
    Not too late rise again

    And when you rise
    Give the hate a nasty surprise
    Give the broken something to think about
    And shout

    That it's not too late
    You're never to far along
    Not too far gone
    It's not too late

    So know this
    So know this

    It's never too late to get back up
    Not too late to rise again
    And when you find stable ground
    You'll also find the negativity has drowned

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1138 days ago
You're welcome and thank you! 💕
1140 days ago
Aww this poem is so deep and inspiring! Thanks for making thiss
1156 days ago
Yeah IKR . Thanks Fellow Earthling :)
1156 days ago
Hi guys! Loved this. There is too much hate in the world
1158 days ago
Thanks NHYT! Also no, I do not have Wattpad but my sister has it and I very much doubt I'm allowed to have it (because people can write inappropriate things on it and stuff like that.)
1158 days ago
Addy, do you have Wattpad?
1159 days ago
I just saw your comment on the chat room
1159 days ago
Thank you! You're back?!!!
1159 days ago
Nice poem! I like it!