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A poem about hate.


    The longer I stay
    The more hate I see
    They shoot it every way
    As though they want no one to be
    The more I see
    The more I stay
    And the more I'm here
    I see how there's many a way
    To send this, to share
    What should be said
    Has something gone to their head
    Made you mad, made you sad?
    Made you say
    A thing that's bad?
    A thousand ways to show
    Your hatred
    As if you know
    Everything, and you led
    Others to where
    Not meant to be
    The amount I see
    Gets tiring
    It seems so many
    Are just firing
    Their hate.

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602 days ago
I once saw a gacha tuber(DO NOT CALL ME A GACHA KID OR I WILL GLADL HATE YOU)Someone mad an outrage because her oc did not have eyebrows>LIKE BOI THEY ARE JUST EYEBROWS
1012 days ago
Thank you! And I agree! (Though you could probably tell that :)
1020 days ago
This is a very good poem! I really like it! Hate is not good 🥺