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Poetry From My Book

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I took some poems from the last year and a half (about) and am publishing them. They are mostly about negative things such as loneliness

    This Loneliness (1/29/2019)
    Partially inspired by a particular visit to someone's house. The date is not perfectly accurate.

    Some are ahead
    Some are behind
    I'm in the middle
    It's driving me out of my mind

    I have a close friend
    But we don't talk enough
    I have a close sister
    Explaining her and this, it's tough

    I'd rather have a blister
    Or two
    Than this loneliness
    Not mope-eyness

    Hard to put to words...
    Chirping are the birds
    To one another
    As far as any can tell, they're friendly
    Not lonely

    I long for the companionship that I see
    But... is someone telling me that it can't be?
    I sure hope not
    I've seen friends a lot

    I've read about them, I've watched them in movies and shows
    I'd rather a broken toe (or toes!)
    Than this loneliness
    I don't have good conversations often

    Maybe one day I'll meet someone
    What then?
    Would they see inside?
    Would they take the time?

    What if we move?
    Could anyone but God see my loneliness?
    What will He answer me with?
    How much longer will I have to live
    With this loneliness?

    P.S. we only moved to a different part of the city (and the words directly underneath the title are not part of the poetry)

    Nervousness 2/25/2019
    The three lines at the bottom are not part of the poem, but notes I added later on.

    There's a girl I've decided to say "how are you?"
    And I don't know if she thinks
    I forget or ignore her existence
    Or if she thinks of me at all
    Whether or not she'll say anything
    Being nervous is natural, after all
    It's only three little words
    Why are they so difficult?
    If only I could be like the birds
    Chirping and twittering and humming
    Without any fears at all--
    A natural cadence of sounds in the morning
    That is not a bit boring
    We all have our nervous moments
    Where we're scared of this or that or that
    And this'll be
    One of them, I'm sure because
    I'm already nervous
    But I'm doing it on purpose
    Maybe in a day or so I'll write
    About what she said when I asked
    "How are you?"
    I'm still nervous
    But I can

    man, I'm going to have to wait another week
    Or month or two
    -or never?-
    Yep. Never

    All You Ever See 10/12/19

    Some days it seems
    All they ever see
    Isn't me, inside, my dreams
    Someone who needs help
    Someone who can't help it
    If I did yelp
    I doubt much surprise
    At all
    Would arise
    See me for who I am
    See past neurons* and brain things*
    Did I ever want this? No Ma'am!
    Just you wait
    Just you wake up
    You're already late
    But as has been said by many
    Better late than never

    It seems all you ever see
    Someone to be carried
    Someone who needs help
    Just the thing I'm tired of
    See me, inside, see who I really am
    I know you love
    I do too
    Do you see more of me
    Than I think you do?
    Is it all
    You ever see
    Did I build a wall?
    I don't know
    You tell me
    And we'll put an end to this show!

    I'm not even 100% sure what neurons are

    Nothing To Be 12/3/19

    There is nothing to be but okay
    Of course I'm disappointed, who wouldn't be?
    There is nothing I can do or say
    So of course I am okay

    I am very disappointed
    Maybe bitter a bit for it
    But it's not like I'm seeing red
    Oh, I am disappointed

    Nothing to do for it
    It cannot be helped
    It's not like I'm being bit
    Oh, nothing to do for it

    What can I say?
    I know, but she doesn't
    There is nothing to be but okay
    Oh, what can I say?

    There is nothing to be but okay.

    Know 1/29/20

    I want to know
    Where do I belong?
    An ocean of faces
    And I've done so much secret wrong
    Can I ever be free?
    So many here
    I see them, they see me
    But we're not known to each other
    Why does it mind blank?
    I could think "if only it were
    Different than it is"
    I don't know what I do!

    Silence 2/21/20
    I actually wrote the 2 in 21 upside down somehow.

    So many silent years
    With so many silent years
    Words, sounds, surround me
    But I'm the one who never hears

    I'm in a quiet place
    The quietest space
    In slow motion
    Completing any race

    Nothing is real
    Everything is surreal
    I'm in a maze
    Trying to heal

    If 2/22/20
    I'm just saying.

    If it is my dream
    It will never come true
    Good is what my life does teem
    With. Maybe I
    Need be humbled
    Within me is a great big sigh
    I know I need it not
    But could a single dreamy thought
    Come true?
    There is so much longing
    I know God always knew
    I suppose it's not good for me?

    Comment if you've felt like this before!

    Hear Me Cry 2/25/20

    Hear me cry
    Out into the night
    Blind by the lack of light
    A stranger to simplicity

    Hear me shout
    Thrown to the day
    Dark thoughts hardly kept at bay
    Creeping through my mind

    Hear my thoughts
    Strange to you, stranger to me
    I'm missing something I need to see
    But it's buried, long gone

    Please hear me
    Because I'm drowning
    And I'm thinking, but still sinking
    So please hear me

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1251 days ago
Hey guys I wrote a poem I need honest feedback here is the link https://www.allthetests.com/quiz38/quiz/1593456015/Hang-man-a-poem pls read and comment and tell others
1323 days ago
Though I don't usually pay attention to how long it takes for me to write things, so it's just a guess-timate
1324 days ago
Thank you Fashionable Queen! Well, I copied this from a little book I have... that took maybe 15-30 minutes although the first one I copied and pasted because I had to restart. Each individual poem took a different amount of time, but I think you weren't asking about that 😂
1325 days ago
Nice poems. How long did it take for you to write this?
1325 days ago
Thanks Sam._.The._.Great but what does the "No Cap" in your comment mean?
1325 days ago
This is great. No Cap.