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Green Tea Leaves

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This won't make sense to you, it's just how my mind is thinking right now. Very random, not sure what inspired me to write this.

    Why don't you see?
    People are here
    They really do care
    Why aren't you happy?
    Tears fall like rain
    It's so much pain
    Nothing ever makes any sense
    Everything is falling, it's not okay
    Time just keeps on ticking away
    Life crumbles around you and fades
    Life is so much pain
    Rain rain rain... everything is so fake
    How much time does it take?
    To just realise your mistake.
    Green Tea

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980 days ago
Th heck tea is NOT just hot leaf water!!😡😡😡😡😡😡
983 days ago
What does living in the sticks mean...
1037 days ago
Okay, will do! And I respect your decision!
1037 days ago
Okay everyone, I don't think I'll be coming back here for personal reasons, if I do come back pleeeaaaaassssseeee tell me to go away, it's just taking so much of my life away from me... I should be paying more attention to people who are in my life. You guys were really great to talk to, you were all my friends and I really liked all of you! This was a really hard decision, but I think it's for the best. I know this might seem kind of sudden but I've been trying to bring myself to do this for awhile. (Again if I come back tell me to leave. I feel like it's damaging my mental health, because I'm constantly checking to see if anyone is on) Bye guys.💕
1038 days ago
Lol 😂
1038 days ago
Haha! I wrote in the name section! 🤣
1039 days ago
I live in the sticks too! And my parents are strict as well, I can't do ANYTHING without first asking him. XD!
1039 days ago
He's pretty strict on what we watch
1039 days ago
Well, I don't live in the sticks, my dad's just not big on Tv 😂
1040 days ago
Me to,no internet and I live in the sticks
1042 days ago
Cool. I don't have any internet either. I live in the sticks! So I just make do with what I can.
1042 days ago
I don't watch anime (only because we don't have Netflix or anything that would stream it) but I like to draw anime! I'm not sure what different types there are though.
1043 days ago
Do you like anime? If you do, what type?
1043 days ago
Thank you! And I will try to get more done soon
1043 days ago
Make more soon! I really like them...
1049 days ago
Wow, thanks! You guys are so sweet💖
1050 days ago
I agree with the people here
1051 days ago
Soooooooooo relateable
1051 days ago
This reall makes me look back on my life. Vary inspirational, I truly can relate to this. 👏👍