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The Sky Cries (a poem based on mental illness)

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This poem describes someone’s struggle with mental illness. It’s a bit depressing, yet I believe it truly reflects someone’s emotions when they have a mental health problem.🖤🖤🖤

    I look up
    I wanna die.
    My eyes tear up,
    I look at the sky.

    It’s cloudy, it’s dark
    No sun, no spark.
    It’s sad, it’s mourning.
    Like all of us, it’s dying.

    I feel a slight drizzle.
    And so it begins.
    The storm will start.
    The tears of the sins.

    Then more rain falls.
    The sadness calls.

    “Everyone’s going to die.
    Our lives are all lies.
    No matter how hard I try,
    The sky will still cry.”

    It cries for our sins,
    It cries for the world.
    It cries for us.
    For all boys and girls.

    The sky cries.
    The sky dies.
    I am just like the sky.
    When it cries,
    When it dies,
    So must I.

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106 days ago
cant believe how much I’ve grown since I’ve written this. I love you all. Thank you for 1000 reads.
177 days ago
Beautiful. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍
220 days ago
You are amazing at writing poems, and back before I went to the hospitial, u
Your poem really touched my heart
316 days ago
This is can be a step towards seeing past what everyone else sees. When we realise the meaningless of life everything loses meaning. Is this a mental illness? Or a step towards seeing past the pain of the world and its temporary nature?

I hope you decide not to die as I'm looking forward to what your path brings to the fates of this world. Sometimes there is something at the end of pain if you wish to see it a simple thing. endure it, if you wish to make the pain go away suicide isn't the only option but the death of our individuality can bring us peace for a while until you can cope. If you refuse to be like the rest then turn your tears into something that will nourish the future. Is just sharing your pain enough?

As the spirits asked me I will ask you. How far are you willing to go? Where do you want to be? You've already proven you can see but are you satisfied with how far? You cry for everyone but is that enough for you?

May the spirits guide you on your journey. Even if you don't believe it's fine, they believe in you.
768 days ago
837 days ago
good poem u make it?
907 days ago
Demiiixox, your posts are so touching. I read your reasons to not commit suicide and commented. Part of me doesn't wanna die, but the other part, which is slightly bigger, feels like my life's not worth it. I like how this poem brings out a deep feeling of...I don't know. But really nice, I love this. You really change the course of my heart. It's really hard to capture that sense of helplessness and even make it rhyme. Beautiful, simply beauty. Demiixox, kudos to you.
918 days ago
i agree with darkness. this is actually really good demiiixox.
991 days ago
i like you demiiixox, you can help us see straight into our own hearts, see the mess that they have become, then you help us fix this mess
1033 days ago
I love this poem it really reflects on what mental health issues are. 🥺💖
1034 days ago
Dear Demiiixox, here is a virtual hug 💚 I wish you a beautiful life 💚💚💚
1041 days ago
this poem is not supposed to be something that shows that I need help.
It is a true reflection about what mental health issues can do to the mind.
Please don’t hate here about this poem.
Please don’t say it’s too sad or depressing.
If you are going to be talk here in the comments, Please, do not hate on mental illness.
Thank you xoxo 🖤