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Darkness In Me

3 Chapter - 597 Words - Developed by:
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A few poems...


I used to think I'd always have that joy
Seems like I used to be
So carefree, compared to now
I used to think "How could I ever get older?"

Not everything is how it was
Nothing is how it seems
Something inside of me screams
To the world

I don't know what happened
But I used to be so light
There would be no fight
No I know what's wrong but do I realize...

I used to be someone different
I tried to change back to that person
That's the fight I'll never win
I used to be different

It started slowly
It started with the lonely
It started three years ago
It started when, I don't know

Now it seems
There's darkness inside me
Sometimes it bubbles up
And I feel I don't know what...

I feel lost
And I feel nostalgic
And I hate feeling lost
And nostalgia is good or bad...

I feel lonely
I feel like I don't want to tell you
All you need to know
Is that it seems there is darkness within me...

Bubbling up
Or staying as a deep well
Or rocketing pell-mell
Or spreading through me

Something surprising
I'm not who I used to be
I'm not who I thought I was
There's something inside

It's dark and it's lonely
And it's fierce and cold
It's ice and fire
Spicy and brain-frozen cold

Darkness in me
A deep well
A raging torrent
Crashing sea-salt waves...
Darkness untold
Darkness unfold...

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1191 days ago
Hi Kaity
Shatter Me and what?
1193 days ago

Mmm reminds me of Shatter Me and its-
1201 days ago
This is very moving.
I'm sorry you have to go through this.
1204 days ago
And I accidentally clicked a button and it said "thank you for your vote" and IDK what I did lol!
1204 days ago
This is great but also sad 🥺
1204 days ago
So good.
1206 days ago
It did not get deleted
1207 days ago
I feel better and kinda worse after writing this...