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A poem.


    Very stuck
    Some things feel very stuck

    I walked through the woods
    I surveyed all the trees
    I noticed the splinters and cracks
    The rips in the seams
    The rushing streams

    The water is stuck
    The river is raging
    I'm screaming in my head
    But I can't say what I think
    It's this block of lead in my throat
    I can't feel my toes anymore

    Because the water is coming in
    Faster than I can get it out
    Am I supposed to say all these things
    And know what the right thing is?

    It's sinking the boat and I'm stuck here
    I am hardly afloat
    I don't want to know what the right thing to say is
    All I know is this is a fight and there's so much

    We were sad, we were happy
    We were joyful and reduced to tears
    I wish these years hadn't changed so much

    The ocean is raging
    The black depths are rising to the surface
    Nothing here served a purpose
    Why can't I know what the right thing to say is
    Why can't I know how to say all the words
    All these broken shards of memories and sentences
    These stranded pieces washed away

    The things I've taken away
    The things I've forgotten
    Stuck, stuck and stuck
    We're all stuck here now
    We're going nowhere near anywhere
    And we're going overboard
    I thought you never heard

    I just wasn't loud enough
    I just wasn't brave enough
    I just couldn't ever say
    What I needed you to take away
    And now we're stuck, stuck here
    Now we are stuck here
    And it was never, never enough
    It was never enough.

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