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A Family Of Hatred

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This is a poem about how your words can affect people. It's about the things that my father says to me and how it hurts me. Feel free to interpret it any way you like!

    Don't go
    Don't leave
    I guess I'm just naive
    But I'm finding it hard to breathe
    I'm begging you to stay
    But you keep pushing me away
    I just want some affection
    But when I look back at my reflection
    I see why no one loves me
    Sitting alone under the oak tree
    Reading my book, writing a poem
    Am I really the victim?
    I guess I'm just addicted
    To the painful words that escape from your tongue
    The painful words that fill up my lungs
    With envy and hatred
    This poison is making me frustrated
    I hate it
    This is what you have created
    A family of hatred

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290 days ago
I’m so sorry you’re going through this sometimes family are ignorant to how much they hurt you and sometimes they just don’t care. Either way it hurts the same. You’re a very talented poet. I write poetry too. And love it!! God bless you ❤️ hugs