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I Don't Want This

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So this is a poem about... maybe a feeling or something similar, that I don't want. I welcome feedback but no hate please


    I thought I would always be
    The same
    I thought I would never see
    These things the way some do
    Now I silently cringe and silently sigh
    Every time I hear your name
    And I don't want this

    We used to talk
    But last time we did
    I walked away
    I chalk it up to awkwardness
    Now I silently think
    That I don't want this

    I haven't seen your face
    For so many months
    Thoughts that lace with worry
    Are in me
    I want to talk
    But I don't want this

    I wonder if you'll come
    I wish I could stop thinking
    But I am in some turmoil
    Thoughts, worries, hopes
    In the end they all bubble and boil
    Just the same
    I want to hear your name
    But I don't want this
    I don't want this

    I'm sorry about what happened
    I'm sorry about what I felt
    Though no one knew it
    Least of all you
    And inside I melt
    Hopes and worries and thoughts
    All I know
    Is that I have this
    Woah, strangely
    Somehow I have this

    And I don't want this
    I don't want this
    I do not want this
    All I can say
    The only way I can put it
    I don't want this

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752 days ago
oh my god this is actually me

this is so good tho fr