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This poem is about passing time.


    I was almost happy and almost not
    I stayed and what I never thought
    Was that I would still be here

    Sometimes I look back
    Often I look back
    And I rack my brain

    To know how it has been so long
    It feels so wrong
    But it has already been forever

    I checked my facts, it has been a year
    And somehow we're still here
    Often I look back

    There was when
    I thought that then
    Could never be

    Then, but suddenly it is now
    And I wonder how
    It has already been a year

    It seems so wrong
    That it could be so long
    But now it is then and it is now

    I will always wonder why
    The minutes fly
    Faster than hours

    Hours faster than days
    Time never stays
    Seconds faster than minutes

    I never thought
    It could be so long but I was not
    Correct in assuming so

    It has already been forever
    But I know that wherever
    I go, I'll take you along

    Even though time is passing
    So fast, I am thinking although it's been forever
    We'll go through this together

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