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From Quizzy

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I don't know if you guys will see this...

    This is not a good poem
    I'm not very good at showing
    That I've said things I regret
    I guess that's what you'd expect

    I don't know if you'll look
    At me the same way you did before I shook
    The whole place with my stupidity
    And destroyed all the tranquility

    I'm trying my hardest to explain this well
    I guess I made our friendship dispel
    I didn't even think you liked me
    But I know you did, now I see

    I'll admit that I was an idiot
    On a quiz about periods
    I should have kept my mouth shut tight
    I guess the dark defeated the light

    I'm begging you to hear me out
    Don't yell, don't scream, don't judge, don't shout
    I'm human too and I'm willing to explain
    Why I put you through all that pain

    There's two different sides to this girl you know
    There's the light side that's sweet as chocolate gateau (don't judge, I just really love chocolate gateau and I couldn't think of any other rhymes)
    And then there's the dark side I've been trying to defeat
    But that day the darkness had won and I was forced to retreat

    I don't know if I'm sorry, I don't know why I did that
    I don't know what I was trying to get at
    All I know is that you now know the real Quizzy
    So I'll leave forever and I hope you won't miss me

    This is not the whole story
    I'm being very wary
    Not to tell you the whole thing
    Because I know that you'll be judging

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34 days ago
😻 i just remembered this website existed and i can’t believe it’s been 2 years since all of this went down… wow. am i also can’t believe how dramatic i used to be lmaoo.

libby, i’m so happy you found your true self! and yes i agree all of this drama was so stupid and we all took it so seriously 😂

shy girl, hi! yes i’m fine. it’s been 2 years since all of this went down and im willing to reconcile with everyone i used to be friends with on here but i doubt any of the OGs will see this.

i do miss everyone on here so pls pls pls do get in touch bc i would love to speak to everyone again
57 days ago
Quizzy are you okay x
117 days ago
Does anyone else remember all of this? We went through so much dumb drama together, but it was so cool to have you guys because it showed me that there was so much more to life than whatever cishet I was put through growing up. I hope some of the OGs can see this, thank you for everything. I hope you're all doing better.

I'm no long Gay Boy. I'm Trans Lesbian Girl Libby
382 days ago
I still miss you, even if I might’ve not been in this friend group from years ago. From the other friend group. ‘Unknown’ was my name. I think about you often. Please come back. Or at least tell me you didn’t commit. I miss you.
717 days ago
718 days ago
Hi quizzy I miss u soooo much !!!
892 days ago
to quizzy i don't know why but i think your awesome for saying that but she hasn't came back but i'm okay with that like if she doesn't feel like coming on to talk then i'll deal with that really all i hope is that she's doing fine it also with a lot of the others who left
899 days ago
Yo quizzy I might not know you but I can tell your friends don’t want you to leave even if you said or did something they will still be there for you so think about not leaving sorry if this is a little to late to say
947 days ago
Please come back Quizzy
947 days ago
Quizzy it's me gay boy and i've been gone for 2 month and you can find out why at the how much do you know about turkeys quiz but please Quizzy come back i don't really know what happened all i know is that it was because of a fight but i remember back in i'm pretty sure february you told us on the period quiz that you might leave allthetest for personal reasons for good you ended up coming back in two months but in those two months i was sad since you weren't there and also i was worried of what happened to you and if i would ever get to talk to you again and i really hope you see this so please Quizzy don't make me feel like that again and come back
948 days ago
Please come back Quizzy
951 days ago
Please come back Quizzy.
951 days ago
Hey TheQuizzyAddict, I don’t know what happened but whatever it is, we all, as friends, are stronger than it. Please please don’t leave, we love you! Don’t go
952 days ago
Please come back Quizzy.
952 days ago
Oh my gosh,this got published😂😂😂
953 days ago
Quizzy, I just saw this poem and I only knew you for some time not much but some. I thought when I met you that you were kind, nice, and funny. All friends fight (even if you don’t consider us friends) they all fight and that is what shows they care. You were fighting with us because you didn’t consider us friends. But that proves how much you care. You didn’t want us to think oh we’re bffs! And then make it hurt more when you leave. I really hope you come back but if you don’t then I guess I understand just please! Please come back Quizzy!
954 days ago
Please come back Quizzy
954 days ago
quizzy if you’re reading this, we want you to come back. we won’t judge you harshly. do you know how awkward it was for me to admit i was some 🌻? and yet i still cause these problems, but i’ve gotten better. please come back. we want you here. it’s not the same without any of y’all who left.
954 days ago
I know the truth quizzy so does some of the others your Phantom? Idk it's all I could think of but believe me if you are I won't judge you 🙂
955 days ago
I’m guessing that it is because we haven’t seen her since that night