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I'm Addison from the regular quiz and I've been really inspired by Maddy and Getsemani to start making poems! This one is about quarantine!

    Quarantine: By Addison

    We're all stuck at home, stuck inside,
    Toilet role and sanitizer sold out world wide,
    Social distancing, 2 metres apart,
    Covid-19 death toll, rising on the chart,
    Wear a mask in public places, Cover up your faces,

    One day this will be over, we can hug again,
    But stay safe, until then.

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729 days ago
Ewww eww ewww eww 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮
946 days ago
It was that's the sad part and the worse part is she played victim in tbe end by saying to me "I don't know why you hate me" I hate her bc she called me names and called my opinions wrong so I agree
946 days ago
not gonna lie i can't trust if thats the real bean
948 days ago
Ok Maddy, thanks for the heads up x
948 days ago
Hello Addison so me and getsemani both created different styles of writing poems but if you wanna use them you need to give us credit I'll put examples

Getsemanis style-
I give getsemani credit (94226) this is her poem style called (insert name here) her original poem is (insert name) then post the link on the poem in which she used the style if you can't find it just give credit

I give Maddy credit for the style of this poem the define style her number is (71998) her original poem is called human only the define style and send me the link on the poem I used the style thanks
949 days ago
That's ok Maddy. I don't mind.
949 days ago
Nice poem Addison sorry I haven't been making any it's just I have been doing other things lol but I'll try
950 days ago
Let me know what type of poem I should make next.
950 days ago
Cool poem 👍
950 days ago
Its so good!
950 days ago
Thanks so much Getsemani, it means a lot to me!
951 days ago
love it Addison!