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Human only define style

1 Chapter - 232 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 796 taken- The story is completed

This is a poem I made. It's my personal and my own style. I call it the define style. How it works is basically I have a idea of what to write but I find words that describes the title (but don't say the title in the poem) and then under it put my own experience and feeling.

Copyright belongs to me
This is my style if you want to use it you need to credit me and put the link to your poem here so I can see it happy writing


    Every day is hard

    You pushed me too far

    Only I can say I cry .

    Trying not to break but instead I give up my fight

    All I can ask so I can understand why do you hurt me and pinch my nerves in the palm of your hands

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1102 days ago
Awesome Style And Good Poem
1121 days ago
Thanks I believe yesterday on the period quiz you told us to try your quiz but the link did not work lol
1121 days ago
Nice poem I found it off the does he like me quiz.
1121 days ago
Nice poem I found it off the dies he like me quiz.
1122 days ago
Okay thanks brin I'm looking forward to seeing it 😊
1122 days ago
Thanks getsemani for that template and I will make more styles but also make more poems like this thanks ❤️
1122 days ago
Okay, thanks. I'll be sure to credit kinda like the way Getsemani said to
1122 days ago
Loooove this style! ❤️
For anyone who wants to use someone else’s style here’s a template:
Creator’s name:
Style name:
Date the style was developed (you may need to look through the creator’s poems):
And anything else you feel it needs
(Creator number, original poem name, etc)
It should look like
Style by Maddy (71998) Define Style August 25th 2020

Loved this poem ❤️ amazing job
I adore this style you should definitely make more like this!
1122 days ago
Of course just be sure to credit me 😊❤️
1122 days ago
Maddy, i love this style! Could i use it for a poem?
1122 days ago
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