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SAD (define style)

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This is SAD you probably don't understand that the acronym for Social Anxiety Disorder is SAD.

Also this is written the define style (a style I made up) but I also want you to read this backwards after you read it the right way starting from the very bottom sentence going up thanks be sure to comment


    All alone in the bathroom stalls
    No one cares because no one is ever there.

    I Can't
    I just can't do the easy stuff
    I can't go to parties
    I can't even speak in

    I'm all alone
    No one understands
    My message

    Read backwards starting at my message going up

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644 days ago
Well sorry you dont understand the words of a wise person. I didn't even make these for you hateful people. I made them for my friends so before you are rude, maybe consider not saying anything at all.
679 days ago
that didnt even make sense
726 days ago
Well... I guess it was OKAY at best.
863 days ago
this is so relatable, and beautiful. love it
925 days ago
I never said it was a test I said it was a poem
930 days ago
You call this a test maddy? you call this a test?
943 days ago
Thanks I actually spent like 20 mins on this bc I wanted it to say something upside down lol
943 days ago
Maddy this is gorgeous! You have a bright future in poetry ❤️
943 days ago
That's really good! When life gives you trouble, just breathe...
943 days ago
This is great Maddy, I understand how you feel 💖