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    Passing time
    Why’d she have to go
    50 years ago today she was born
    50 minutes ago she was dead
    Why does it have to be this way
    Why can’t she have to say
    I love you
    I miss you
    It’s so sad how life happens
    How can a person be “blessed” with the gift of death on there day of life?


    Is me
    How do I get through it
    It’s hard
    I know
    Nobody’s here for me
    I don’t care it’s hard enough
    Why me
    Why she
    Why he
    If god is real why do innocent people die?
    I know he is just maybe those people aren’t so innocent
    secrets are held
    Life is changed
    Just why can’t it stay the same?

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38 days ago
I'm sobbing... i'm so sorry for you, but thanks for your talents
374 days ago
It’s ok Lyd. Thanks for reading it.
376 days ago
I am so sorry for your loss. 🥺💙
376 days ago
Well.... everyone has to die at some point. That probably doesn’t make you feel better, especially if she died young or from an accident. But innocent people will die eventually.
381 days ago
383 days ago
No wild it’s fine lol
383 days ago
You don't need to Jasmin
383 days ago
No wild I do just I am not religious idk why I did this I probably should take it down
383 days ago
And you especially don't have to agree with a Pentecostal because most people don't
383 days ago
Jasmin I understand it don't make sense but some people chose to believe it
Like me
383 days ago
Well It's a good poem but his plan is to let people make their own decisions and then the people that are baptized and love him go to heaven for everlasting life
Pentecostal church
383 days ago
I know just I don’t know why my aunt died on her birthday. I also am not very religious so sorry if im wrong I don’t know much about god I just wonder why people die even if it is his plan
383 days ago
Hi guys sorry if this is annoying it’s probably dumb just how I feel with family stuff sorry it’s one of the ways I get my feelings out 😔 hope you like it
383 days ago
Ok well ik it's just a poem but innocent people die bc it's God's plan