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    " Do it, no one loves you. they don't care"
    " You can see if they care when you're dead"
    Put it down, stop this non sense
    you're being illogical,
    downwards it goes,
    are you in a spiral?
    your mind is playing games with you
    Don't let it get to you
    you're worth it and you know it.
    know matter how much it goes south.
    future lies ahead, you won't see them cry
    why would you want to say goodbye?
    don't do this, you'll get thru it
    and believe me when I say
    there will be a good day
    Call for help, it's okay
    you'll waste a life ahead of you
    if you end it one day
    remember the reason you held on for so long,
    don't lose it all like someone
    I know you could've done better,
    but we can't change the weather,
    so why cry about it for long?
    we're human, get thru it
    no matter how harsh this sounds,
    i love you,
    we all do,
    your friends,
    everyone you meet.
    don't listen to people trying to get you down
    move on, don't frown.
    you own that crown,
    don't put it down.

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