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Confusion and Thoughts

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    Why do I have you? Why?
    I want to die, I can't deny
    All this crying, all this pain
    Will things ever be the same?
    I am so confused, do I hurt?
    When being honest, my words are treated like dirt
    I wish that all my worries would fade
    I wish I could spend a day gazing at trees colored jade
    I wish I could admire the stars from afar

    But instead I get hit by a car
    Racing in the opposite lane
    Will things ever be the same?
    Sitting down and thinking
    My eyes only blinking
    Not seeing the future ahead
    That I may or may not dread
    Why do I have you? Why?

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610 days ago
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610 days ago
um, ig just write down wut u thought abt it.
610 days ago
srry this sucks