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Love and Heartaches

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Love poems.

    Every song suddenly has a new meaning. Every book, too. I think of you both I need you both. Please give me a sign. Either Tyler or Luke. Help me, save me from insanity. That is an ironic thing seeing driving me insane is what you do every day. My only question is Who?

    Is it real?
    Is it real? Or is it me trying to catch up with everybody. I honestly don’t know what I feel
    Then came the other making me think, is this real. I search for support but find no one. I look to tell him but I can’t force the words you want to know if that’s how you think of me. You’ve got me down on my knees. Please tell me what to do cause I don’t actually know if I even ‘like’ you. I need a sign or a voice to hear, please, Luke, tell me how you feel.

    When you believe someone you love
    Loves you
    You feel warm and cozy
    Then they break your heart

    Not directly but say something
    But to your friend
    And another friend tells you
    It’s crushing you

    A true friend heals
    But a friend who crushes you
    Never heals right
    You are heartbroken forever

    They never know
    What they did
    But you sit
    Crushed and heartbroken

    Somethings can heal
    While others will stay broken
    Forever and ever
    That would never heal
    And then they heal because it is ok,

    You want them to be happy and push your feelings out of the way,
    but you feel like you have a heartbreak, you don't know what to feel.
    You wonder and ponder then ask,” Was it even real?”
    I wonder and wonder but it never comes to me

    I know I made a mistake
    Trusting was too much to take
    I thought something was good
    And it turned out bad

    Sometimes it will heal
    But other times it won’t
    No one knows what will happen
    Except for the person who makes it happen

    People know they hurt me
    And others don’t
    I don’t tell them anything
    I wait for them to find out

    I wait and wait for them to know
    When they never find out
    That's okay
    They’ll find out everything someday

    Maybe just not today
    Maybe not tomorrow
    Maybe not the Month or year

    You just have to get them out
    And find real friends
    That love you
    And keep you secrets

    When a heart breaks
    It takes time to heal
    Like all things
    But just a touch longer

    Someday you will feel
    A broken heart
    Just like me now
    I promise you

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