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When Skies Cry

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So I haven't made a poem for this site in forever... I thought I'd publish one of the poems in my book on this site.. like old times.. please comment on anything I could have done better...

Also, this poem is a tribute to my younger and depressed self and everything I learned from the situation.


    When the skies would cry,
    I was normally eaten up inside,
    No one cared about me though.

    The ones that said they did,
    Were playing pretend,
    I was like a doll they were trying to dress up.

    When the skies would cry,
    I was alone,
    I was looking for you.

    I was looking for my soulmate,
    You were mine,
    But was I yours?
    I know I wasn't because every time I needed you,
    You weren't there,
    You didn't help.
    I told myself you helped,
    But those were all lies.

    When Skies used to cry,
    I would cry too,
    Because I was missing a part of me that I thought was you.

    But I moved on,
    I'm worth so much more,
    But you will forever hold that place.

    When Skies would cry no one was to be found,
    No one ever wanted to risk themselves for me and get their clothes wet.

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450 days ago
Beautiful!!!!!!!! I know how you feel, and I hope u don't have depression like me. Honestly Im not happy with my life.
578 days ago
Thanks panda! It means a lot!
578 days ago
They just.. Idk they're..... Heartfelt. Honest. Emotional.
578 days ago
All your poems are so good
578 days ago
@Maddy i've read some pf your poems on this site and i love the flow. i honestly dont have any feedback. It was just so good.
710 days ago
👍👍👍 cool poem!
761 days ago
No no I get exactly what you mean.. thanks for the feedback!!
761 days ago
hehe I've read some of ur other ones on that website thingy and they were really good!! I was just in aw how the rhymes for together so well, instead of random rhyming words that do not fit together, like ten and Ben :/ I hope u get wut I mean, im not being concise XDDD
761 days ago
Thanks spicy, I also generally like poems that rhyme as well! Some of my other ones rhyme a lot better lol
761 days ago
Wow. This hit really hard. BUT IT'S SO GOOD! I don't have any critiques, but for my liking, I enjoy reading poems that rhyme, cuz, idk, it just flows. You don't have to listen to wut I said abt the rhyming thing tho, it's ur choice!!
761 days ago
no problem! you should keep writing more
761 days ago
@Neelan thanks!
761 days ago
this is an amazing poem! i enjoyed reading it :)