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Dear 2020 Me

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This is a poem/ song I wrote to my past self recently. I thought it would be really nice to put on here as a message that we are all making it out okay. Love and God bless!

    Dear 2020 me,
    I’m from March 13, 2021, you see.
    1 year after lockdown had begun.
    I’m here to tell you it’s all okay.
    We came together in a fun kind of way.
    And trust in God since he has a plan.
    Virtual school will be kind of fun,
    And even though you miss out on a ton,
    It’s so nice to be home with your fam.
    You grow closer with them every day.
    And though it kind of seems crazy.
    I miss being in lockdown, damn.

    Just in case your wondering,
    Nobody got sick, so stop worrying.
    We all wore our masks and everyone close to you is fine.
    But so many lives have been lost already.
    Oh my gosh it always scares me
    Since one of those lives could have been mine.
    You’ll start high school in a bit.
    You’ll make friends and they’re pretty lit.
    They’re even better than the ones you had before.
    Your mental health has taken a dive.
    But at least you are still alive.
    Just keep trying to move forward.

    I guess this is getting kind of long,
    So I should wrap up this little song,
    But trust me since I’m you, it’s a lot.
    You’ve been through it all, so take a break.
    You feel like there is a lot at stake.
    You’ll be okay so no need to feel you will rot.

    So I love you 2020 me,
    Your living through some history,
    And here in 2021, we’re getting close to herd immunity.
    So keep in touch, I love you so.
    Lockdown is kind of fun, don’t you know.
    Soon, you’ll be free.

    Soon, we’ll all be free.

    Signed, March 13, 2021, Me.

    Author’s Note

    Thank you all so much for reading! It means a lot that you took some time out of your day reading this since this poem/song is something that makes me so happy.
    If you want to use the song for lyrics and post it somewhere, be my guest! Just please include my name as the original author (for example, if you sing this song and post it on YouTube or something, please put something about how you did not write the lyrics in the description). I kind of doubt this will happen, but I guess I have to be prepared!
    I highly suggest writing letters to your past self, since it just is such a beautiful thing to do sometimes, and it shows how far you’ve come. Even if 2020 was a terrible year, keep pushing forward and know that pain is only temporary.


    Gracie Lynn

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701 days ago
Wow! That was really good! You clearly have an incredible talent. Keep creating!