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Poem- (Puppet)

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A poem about my ex.

    I loved you, and it's sad
    Because now I hurt so bad
    You lied, you stole my heart
    Then went and ripped it apart
    Don't you realize when you use me
    For your own selfish reasons
    I will get hurt?
    Maybe you don't care
    I wish that you would
    I want to scream and tell you
    "Why was I just a way for you to cope?"
    But I can't be mad
    Because I'm too scared to hurt your feelings
    I'm protecting your emotions
    Even though
    I'm just your puppet.

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639 days ago

Aw, I'm sorry! Not every person is the same tho! Gotta find the right one :)

Best wishes!!
647 days ago
all the guys ive dated have been like this :/ ....

that's why I date guys AND girls now
652 days ago

Thank you
652 days ago

i haz a comment 4 u UvU

dont think im one of those boys im totally different UvU
660 days ago
Wuh- Comments 0?


TwT *confused*