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I miss you- Poem

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A poem about my past self.

    I miss you
    The way you smiled
    and laughed as you walked down the hall
    You didn't care what anybody thought
    No, you didn't give a damn at all.
    I miss you
    The way you walked
    and even that voice of yours
    Yes, I miss the way you talked
    I miss you
    singing along to your favorite song
    without feeling insecure
    looking in the mirror
    and liking what you see
    I miss you
    that skinny little girl
    who sometimes cried and yelled
    but still, you kept a smile
    I miss you
    would you please come back?
    because I'm tired and distressed
    I want back that smile
    and the reflection I took pride in
    Why did you leave?

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181 days ago
I meant dont you DARE listen to anyone who says your poem isn't good
181 days ago
Omg beautiful dont you DARE listen to anyone who says your poem is good because *grabs shoulders* YOU ARE PERFECT AND YOU POETRY IS AWESOME AND I LOVE IT AND I LOVE YOU
771 days ago

I-I'm sowwy
771 days ago
w h y a r e y o u s o g o o d a t

m a k i n g m e c r y
782 days ago
785 days ago
You are so good at poetry, I really like this one ❤️
805 days ago
Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much that means to me! I don't usually share my poems, and I love that people can feel this way about them!

Wish you all the best
806 days ago
this makes me so emotional... and yes Star-Chan I may be addicted to your work now.. it’s absolutely beautiful
817 days ago

Thank you so much! :D
817 days ago
This poem really hit the spot in my heart. You did a wonderful job at this! :D
817 days ago
Thanks Ari-chan!
Thanks everyone! ^^
817 days ago
Wow, this poem was so deep! I loved it! TwT
817 days ago
This is beautiful, I love it.
818 days ago
You didn't have to be so rude, Mimi.
818 days ago
its very relatable to me. i really like it.
818 days ago
I love it, it's awesome!!!
818 days ago
Mimi actually it’s an awesome poem. It shows how real change is, even in a person, and how it can hurt.
819 days ago
they left cause they hate u
819 days ago
worst poem ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!