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This poem means a lot.
Please tell me what you think:)


    The world could be ending
    and I could still feel
    as though I don't matter
    I could still think
    life has no appeal
    It's sad
    how we break people down
    until they hate their own body
    and are always saying sorry

    A girl
    standing in the mirror
    wiping away tears
    forcing a smile
    that we believe
    because we are blinded, why can't we open our eyes and just see?
    See the girl sitting next to us
    who is hiding cuts
    under her sleeve
    why can't we see?
    See the boy in the back of the cafeteria
    last night he sat with his father's gun
    and almost took his own life
    because nobody sees

    We're ignorant and selfish
    while others die inside
    why can't we see through our own eyes?
    Others suffer constantly
    People get abused
    and others get assaulted
    Meanwhile, we claim we are haunted
    by that embarrassing day
    when toilet paper got stuck to our shoe?
    We're being fools
    and we know it
    but we don't care about other people's emotions
    We are blinded
    We need to see!

    See the pain
    the hurt inside
    the constant rage
    and blame
    the people who need help but are too afraid to ask
    the people who can't express themselves because they are too scared
    the people who are living a life where nothing seems to matter

    So, please
    open up your eyes
    and see me
    see yourself
    see the girl next to you
    see the boy in the back
    see the ones being abused
    see the ones being assaulted
    see the pain
    just open up your eyes and see

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Comments (11)


727 days ago
Me again. :)
You are an awesome person.
I love your poems and how you talk to people in the comments.
All of your work means a lot, I relate to it all and it's beautiful.
I might be your biggest fan :)
Never stop writing, and don't listen to the haters cause your better than them.
I'll say it again:
Great work.
793 days ago

No, thank you.

I'm happy that it means a lot to you, :)

Stay strong
883 days ago
You have NO idea what that meant to me,
Thank you so much,
970 days ago
Awww I'm crying thank you so much!!
972 days ago
That was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. Fantastic job :) you are an amazing writer, and you must be a wonderful person, to be able to write something like this
974 days ago
You’re welcome :).
976 days ago


That means a lot
982 days ago
Aw! How beautiful! I really ❤️ it! I could recognize myself in this poem.
992 days ago
I like writing songs too! I actually want to be a songwriter, but my parents said that's unrealistic, so we'll see, lol.

You're so welcome!!!
993 days ago
this is a beautiful poem ❤️ i am now reading all of your stuff. I adore poems and I love writing songs with them too. thank you for the inspiration ❤️
1005 days ago
oml i love it