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My Voice

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    My voice
    maybe it's not loud enough
    for them to hear
    when I tell them,
    "Please stop, you're hurting my feelings!"

    My voice
    maybe it's too quiet
    for them to listen to
    when I say,
    "Please don't hit me anymore, it hurts!"

    My voice
    maybe it's not bold enough
    for them to want to understand me
    when I scream,
    "I need someone to help me, but I don't know how to ask!"

    My voice
    maybe it's not clear enough
    for them to make out my words
    when I whisper,
    "I've had enough pain and I want out."

    My voice
    it's actually plenty loud and bold and clear
    the problem is I didn't say these things at all
    I'm too scared
    and so they stay as thoughts.

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659 days ago
Thanks!! Y'all are too nice, haha
662 days ago
This was great, and parts remind me of me. ❤️ That’s good poetry
672 days ago
It’s pretty good!
682 days ago
Aw, I hate to hear that you also have these issues! I hope things get better for you
682 days ago
I think we have the same parents, same emotions, except I don't express in poetry, I just write.
683 days ago

Aw thanks so much!
684 days ago
Excellent poetry. I wish you strength to use your voice. I wish you safety and love. My love to you 💚
694 days ago

big sad

sad sad