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I don't really know. Just in a deep mood right now.
But, hey, life is great! Stay positive!:)
By the way, you look great today.:)

    I am so exhausted
    In every sort of way
    I wish I had someone to hold me and say
    "You are enough"

    I am so exhausted
    tired of pretending, but
    I made a promise
    told God I'd more positive

    I am so exhausted
    I have everything going for me
    more friends than I've ever had
    and a brand-new boyfriend
    so what am I even sad about?

    I am so exhausted
    told my ex I hope he has a nice day
    and acted like it was all okay
    when I cannot stand to talk to him
    because all he did was hurt me

    I am so exhausted
    I'd like to laugh and smile
    and just be happy for a while
    I'm not really sad
    just sort of empty

    I am so exhausted
    I want someone to realize
    and tell me it's okay
    because made then it would be

    I am so exhausted

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783 days ago
802 days ago

I'm just now seeing your comment and I think I might just explode- like my heart- *struggles to explain*

why are you so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

*cries in tsundere*
804 days ago
wish i actually COULD hold you and tell you FACE TO FACE you are enough

more than enough

804 days ago
I also wrote "made then it would be"
this is why I don't do improv like this-
804 days ago
Ahh I wrote "I'd more positive"

meant I'd be lol.

Sorry bout that :)