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This is improv, so please help with a title lol, usually I come up with the titles first but I don't know-

    Everything is broken
    I can feel myself crack open
    "Why does everyone want to hurt me?"
    I can't stand these emotions

    Everything is dull
    The color faded away, it's been gone for so long
    "Why am I so empty? Why can't I just feel something?"
    I want to be a normal girl but everything just hurts

    Everything is changing
    I want it to go back to the way it was before it changes too much
    "Why do we always have to do this?"
    I just feel so damn foolish

    Everything is collapsing
    What happened to the way we used to be, the way I used to see?
    "Why can't you understand me? I need help, can't you hear me asking?"
    I want to give up on all these things


    Everything is healing
    I know it'll be okay
    "Plenty of people love me"
    My heart will fix itself with time

    Everything is colorful and bright
    I look forward to each and every night
    "I value my life, and I don't want to die"
    My smile doesn't have to be fake, I decide if it's that way

    Everything is changing, but that is quite alright
    Sometimes things will change, and that's just life
    "Changing can be good too"
    I just have to see the light and not the shadows that follow behind

    Everything is just getting started
    I have so much to do and see
    "There are so many reasons to stay"
    I don't want to give up, I see the joy life can bring.


    If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or tendencies, self-harm, or depression and feel like you can't take it anymore, please reach out for help!

    If you don't feel comfortable telling someone like an adult you trust, talk to a close friend and ask them to help you...

    Call the suicide hotline!

    Please just seek help.

    When you die, your pain does not go away, it just moves on to someone else.

    Plenty of people love you, even if it feels like nobody does!

    As I said, there are plenty of reasons to stay.

    Don't give up! <3

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348 days ago
Awww I'm so happy to make a difference 💗💗💗
476 days ago
Thank you so much! I made a quiz similar to this and someone rude said my quiz was weird and stupid and it really made me feel upset. But this made me know that I am loved and important. Thank you so much!
714 days ago
Thank you!!
717 days ago
Wow, that ending was beautiful, great job!
727 days ago
I like it! I can recognize myself in this and almost all poems which you wrote.
732 days ago
It's an amazing message. ^^ I write poetry too. Also, I wish I could reach out to the suicide helpline but sadly no… ó.ò
736 days ago
Thanks UvU

It was inspired by you- lol
736 days ago
*visible happiness*

736 days ago
lol Y E E T

I'm still Star-chan uwu
736 days ago
*crying because the end is so heartwarming*
737 days ago
Might call it "everything"

what do you think??