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It's been a year- poem about COVID-19

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This is a poem reflecting on the past year of living with COVID-19. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments!

    It's been a year
    Keeping clean

    It's been a year
    Wearing masks,
    Unfinished tasks,
    Lockdown starts

    It's been a year
    Hand gel,
    A year of hell,
    Does it ring a bell?

    It's been a year
    Phone calls,
    Toilet roll

    It's been a year
    Since quarantine
    Since wearing masks was actually a thing
    I can't believe it's been a year
    A year of tragedy and fear

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563 days ago
I am ok,
Or maybe I'm not.
Sometimes I'll cry,
My nose full of snot.

They'll ask if I'm fine,
If I'm going good,
But I rather ignore
And hide under a hood.

I am ok,
Or maybe I'm cr*p.
Maybe I wanna give someone a slap!

I hate this place,
I hate their face,
When they ask,
Why are you so sad?

I am not ok.
I need to think.
I need alone time.
My heart's gonna sink.

This isn't where I belong.
I've been stuck here for too long.

I'm not ok...
722 days ago
@Star but sad dude that is not right people are dying from this.And not all unheakthy people get it they just have a better chance.
757 days ago
Thank you jazzy!

And Star but sad, pls educate urself and understand that covid is a massive issue. Don't be ignorant 😊
758 days ago
I hate COVID it ruined my life and it's not even a real problem, the only people (meaning most people!) who actually die from it are old, fat, or unhealthy in some other way. It's not like we freak out over the flu. And besides mask😻too and don't even work
760 days ago
wow that is a really good poem