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Be YOUtifal

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Things are really tough right now for everyone... So here's a little something that I wrote for you! Be you and live life how you want to live it! Life is short! 😘😘

    I stand strong
    I stand how I want
    I do what I want.

    I believe in myself
    I believe in you
    I believe in EVERYONE

    I see light in the darkest of times
    I see light when there is no way out
    I see light when everything goes dark

    I am beautiful
    You are beautiful
    Everyone is beautiful

    I carry on because I care
    I carry on because I want to try
    I carry on because I CAN

    I do my thing because I am cool!
    I do my thing because It's who I am!
    I do my thing because I CAN

    So when times get tough...
    Be you
    Be different
    Be bold
    Be brave
    Be Unique
    Be a weirdo!

    Look for the light when the walls are closing in and the world has gone dark


    Because I CAN


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