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Shatter Me

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Haven't written one in a while.

Here's one for all my fans, haha. (Shut up, Star, you don't have fans ;-;)


    Shatter Me

    Go ahead, shatter me
    Just like you always do
    It won't make a difference
    I'm used to it
    My heart is tough because of you

    Go ahead and break me
    Tear me apart so I have nothing
    Go ahead and hurt my heart!
    I won't even notice
    I already have too many scars

    Wait, I take it back!
    Every word I said!
    Please don't shatter me,
    Because my mind's already dead.

    Please don't listen to my words
    Don't shatter me
    I'm already so hurt!
    Instead try to heal me...
    So I don't feel the burn.

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475 days ago
It's me, your biggest fan!
Awesome job!
589 days ago

Thank you :)

Sorry for such a late reply, I haven't had school so not been on
638 days ago
Ok. I'm 100% a fan!!!
704 days ago


Okie t-thanks TwT
707 days ago
did you just say you dont have any fans?!?

well you got a simp and a fan

and i love your poem
711 days ago
Aw, thanks a bunch!!
712 days ago
Lol, I’d consider myself a fan 😅
715 days ago
Poem go brrrr