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My Mind- A Poem Collection. #1

1 Chapter - 977 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 719 taken-The story is currently being written

A collection of some of my shorter poems.

These were written at all different times.

Some of them are really old and some of them are brand-new, so...

Email me with your comments or concerns at: star.chan.ap@gmail.com

    So You Said- So you said you loved me everything feels lovely and then you cut me open watch me bleed all my emotions "Why did you have to leave

    So You Said-

    So you said you loved me
    everything feels lovely
    and then you cut me open
    watch me bleed all my emotions

    "Why did you have to leave me?"
    I finally can ask you without breaking
    So you said you loved me
    You lied.


    I've been awake all night
    crying, I check the time
    it's already eight am
    and I shed just one more tear
    even though, I'm tired, I get up
    it doesn't take much effort, to cover up the cuts
    the ones on my hand, hidden by my hoodie sleeve
    the ones on my hip, concealed by my jeans
    I walk out of my room
    and put on my mask:
    a smile.
    something no one questions, because my smile hides it.

    Your Hoodie-

    Your hoodie has been through a lot
    Could I live without it? Probably not
    I'm sorry if that comes off as weird
    But I'm thankful your hoodie has always been here

    I can't count how many times I've cried
    And held your hoodie tight
    The feel of it in my fingers
    Helps me to smile, just a little

    I don't know where I would be
    If your hoodie wasn't here with me

    My Angel-

    My angel lights up my day
    He makes me feel such a special way
    I'm grateful he is here
    I can thank him for all my "happy tears"

    He's the reason I smile
    Each and every day
    I hope he stays a while
    Cause he makes me feel complete
    Maybe it's because he's so sweet

    My angel, I love him so
    And I just wanted him to know
    My angel, you are my everything <3

    The Teacher-

    There was once a teacher, who I could trust
    So I told him how I feel
    And I'm grateful he assured me, the bad thoughts were not real
    He reminded me I was enough

    The teacher told me I was a smart, kind girl
    And society couldn't affect that
    I see his lesson, and hold it close
    So let me pass it on to you.

    No matter what others say,
    You're perfect in your own way
    Don't shut up because they said,
    Don't change the way you dress
    If they can't see your light,
    They just don't belong in your life

    That's the lesson the teacher taught me
    The most noble thing he could teach
    And I'm sure he'd like me to pass it on
    So please...stay strong:)


    What is this?
    Losing control
    I can't explain the feeling
    But if I had to, I'd say I'm sinking

    Losing power
    Emotions ebbing away
    I can't feel anything
    But if I had to, I'd say I'm sinking.

    She Is Lost-

    She is lost
    If you look into her eyes
    They are distant,
    When she says she's ok,
    All I can hear is lies

    I want to help her, grab her hand
    Tell her things get better
    But then I'd be a hypocrite
    Cause I think they will never.

    She is lost
    I want to look into her eyes and tell her it's alright
    But she always looks away
    And then she's lost in her pain, once again.

    Where Are You?-

    Where are you?
    This is not the boy I once knew
    He was fun and random
    He didn't act like you

    He wasn't always lonely and sad
    He didn't view life such as bad
    He seemed pretty thankful for the friends he had
    Where are you?

    Tearing Us Apart-

    You broke him
    You broke me
    Will you break her next?
    Stop fucking with our heads

    You've already broken our hearts
    So don't go crushing others
    I know it's pretty hard
    But could you stop tearing us apart?

    A Moment-

    A moment.
    Seconds tick by.
    A laugh.
    A smile.
    It only stays a while.
    A scream.
    A choked sob.
    All this in a moment.

    That's all guys <3 Tell me what you thought, and if you'd like another collection like this.

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