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Tell: The Journey of APEL

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Back with another poem I wrote for English class:) As an end-of-the-year thing this year, we had to write a poem that expressed an element of our experience in AP English Literature. However, each line had to be a line from one of the plays, novels, or poems we’ve read this year (kind of like a cento). I hope it makes some sense to you.


    I was tormented by the contrast between
    My idea and my handiwork.
    For this, I had deprived myself of rest and health.
    But I kept holding on.
    Not because the way was smooth
    and placid as a southern sea,
    But a blue like intuition,
    Because at every new incident,
    Your fortitude was to be called forth,
    And your courage exhibited.

    There are more things in heaven and in earth
    Then are dreamt of in our philosophy
    To give us the impression we exist;
    Never allow passion or a transitory desire
    Disturb his tranquility.
    Half-extinguished thought,
    The picture of the mind revives again,
    Of present pleasure, but with pleasing thoughts,
    That at this moment there is life.

    In my own words,
    I could tell any summer’s story tell.
    I will pioneer a new way,
    Explore unknown powers,
    And unfold to the world
    The deepest mysteries of creation,
    A double existence.
    We have been believers.

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