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It's a poem. Please rate and comment. It's about how when I was hurt and depressed crying helped and how my problems went away. But after crying so much I couldn't cry as much anymore and so the relief I felt went away and more problems came. Please rate this if you like it or not. Thanks


    My problems are gone,
    They drifted away,
    It was all for a price that was difficult to pay.

    I gave up on life,
    I locked myself away,
    I cried myself to sleep each and every day.

    I cried all the tears,
    I have no more left to cry,
    My problems were gone in a blink of an eye.

    Some of them came back,
    And more came to stay,
    Yet again another price I needed to pay.

    People say I need help,
    Or that I shouldn't feel this way,
    And if I don't get help, my problems will stay.

    I don't need help,
    I can heal myself again,
    I left my first battle strong,
    And I will leave this one stronger.

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37 days ago
I have depression anxiety social anxiety and maybe a tiny bit of ocd
37 days ago
I love these I can relate so much (my nickname is also Maddy
530 days ago
to me, you've described what's been like to be fourteen so far. Great job!
578 days ago
Bleh i cant spell
I meant beautiful
578 days ago
Wow, Maddy. This is really beatiful. it's so good. Keep on writing! ❤
599 days ago
Hey quizzy! Glad to see you stuck around! Also what name are you writing under? I understand if you dont want to tell me (the fake quizzy could be watching!)
599 days ago
Hey Maddy this is an amazingly well-written poem 👏 you're soo good at writing!! Depression is horrible I'm glad you wrote this poem bc it's something I can really relate to and I'm sure others can too

(Also if you see anyone with the same number as me don't be alarmed bc I write under a different name now :D)
600 days ago
I haven't wrote a poem in a while. The last time I did, I had some of my online friends here to support me. But now I dont. They left this site and I have no contact with them anymore. Please comment. Hopefully they somehow see this and come back!