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A poem.

(And this one is a true story that is going on in my life right now.)

    Once upon a time,
    My life strummed to the rhythms of fantasies
    I hid from the world in a pocket of my mind,
    Remaining distant from fear and reality

    You arrived

    Laughter, kindness, tears,
    Shared over the school email
    Two hundred days of friendship over text
    But you were so far away…

    You arrived

    In my hometown
    I saw your face and died inside
    (There was no way someone this cute would ever like ME…)
    And yet you saw through my small amount of self-esteem

    You arrived

    Oh, the compliments
    Could it be that I am beautiful?
    Could it be that you feel the same?
    Could it be reality and not fantasy?

    You arrived

    Second time we met and it was
    A glorious summer afternoon
    You told me that you loved me
    I knew I loved you too

    This boy…

    He is everything I've ever wanted and more…
    And for once in my life he isn't a figment of my anxious imagination
    He is reality and he loves me for me
    I literally feel like I'm on top of the world

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546 days ago
My number has changed
That doesn't bode well
546 days ago
Not a great poem, but hey, I don't mind much right now cause I'm really just happy to express myself